A 15-Year Old Tunisian Girl Gets It

  • “I hate Christians and Jews. I don’t know why. I don’t have any apparent reason to hate them but I always hear my mom talking badly about them. She hates them too, and this is why I hate them, I guess. Mom has always told me that Muslims are Allah’s favorite people,” — F., a 15-year-old Tunisian girl.
  • “They said that non-Muslims deserve to die; we should have no pity for them. They will burn in hell, anyway.” — M., a 16-year-old Tunisian boy.

Quotes from a Gatestone Institute article written by Tharwa Boulifi.  She doesn’t endorse what they are saying, but these are her peers on social media.


“The Sultan’s Harem”, a Turkish TV series popular in Tunisia, shows attractive concubines trying to seduce the Sultan by dancing, singing, and being obedient and submissive — all of which can encourage girls to join the “sexual jihad”, by which girls provide sex to jihadists.



I really hope that is not her name, because she has identified the direction that Islamic countries must take.  That’s not going to make her popular.

She says:

We always think that it is in Iraq or in Syria that we should fight terrorism. But the battleground is in schools, in homes, on TV and on social media. It is there that we need to fight extremist ideologies and racial and religious hate — they are the starting point of every terrorist.

I think the culture there will change when the price a country pays for the current path is too high.  I don’t think there are any easy, or non-violent solutions.


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5 Responses to A 15-Year Old Tunisian Girl Gets It

  1. rt895 says:

    And that’s why they need to fear Westerners like they did in the past. We need a few new “Shores of Tripoli” events to remind them who we can become…

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    re: I don’t think there are any easy, or non-violent solutions.

    The path of least resistance is probably a hard and violent solution, though count on us to try that once we’ve tried everything else. If we do nothing, it will cost lives and treasure. If we do something, it’ll cost more lives and treasure, but for a shorter time. Sometimes when someone is slowly bleeding to death, you have to cut into them. If that’s all you did, they’d quickly bleed to death, but if you do so to fix the underlying problem, so that they’re not bleeding at all, they’ll live on. At that point, they’d stop being at risk, and you wouldn’t need to constantly invest to keep them alive.

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  3. I wondered aloud once why English does not have a word strong enough to carry the definition of the evil of ISIS. Somebody pointed out that we do: barbarians.


  4. No, barbarian isn’t the word you want. Conan’s a barbarian, and he’s an all right guy for a Cimmerian. Savage might work. The connotations are definitely more negative.


  5. Cast: Brenda Blethyn Craig Ferguson Somewhere among the stoner humor comes an clever film
    about weed.

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