The Judge Has Ordered Hair Replacements for Liberal Bloggers Affected by the Story

Indy Star:

A mother who cited religious freedom as a defense for beating her son with a coat hanger will serve a year on probation.

After a doctor found 36 bruises on her 7-year-old son, Khin Par Thaing claimed her discipline method came straight from her evangelical Christian beliefs.


The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, enacted in 2015, says the government cannot intrude on a person’s religious liberty unless it can prove a compelling interest in imposing that burden, and can do so in the least restrictive way.

Her claim of religious freedom was followed by thousands of posts from leftist writers pulling out their hair and saying “see, this is what will happen if religious freedom laws are passed.”  

Religious freedom laws do not give someone the right to beat their kid with a coat hanger. They might give Christian civil servants the opportunity to serve God and their community without being forced to do things against their faith.


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2 Responses to The Judge Has Ordered Hair Replacements for Liberal Bloggers Affected by the Story

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    A religion can’t permit what the state forbids. if the state forbids something your religion permits, you’d generally need to petition the state to allow it for everyone, rather than claiming religion’s authority. There can be explicit or implicit exceptions, but obviously if your religion says you can kill nonbelievers, you can’t, even though the religion itself is permissible, and claims the act permitted. which is not to say the state is right on everything. the word tyranny probably came into existence in most languages within a few weeks of them coming up with the word for city. But, well, tyranny or reason, even if your religion says you need to be naked in the public square, don’t expect it to pass without a citation and fine.


  2. crawford421 says:

    I’m pretty sure coat hangars are not mentioned in the Bible.

    And this lady needs to learn patience and moderation.


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