Become the Coral…

WUWT has the story and picture of environmentally concious activists trying very hard to show the pain of lost coral:


The Stanford team worked with marine biologists to build a virtual replica of a reef around the Italian island of Ischia. Underground volcanic vents there have been spewing carbon dioxide, and that has given researchers the opportunity to closely analyze the effect on marine life—specifically how, as ocean water absorbs more carbon dioxide and becomes more acidic, it corrodes coral and the shells of crustaceans.

From that model, the researchers programmed a VR experience that speeds up the destructive process,  allowing a person to first interact with a reef full of life, and then be an up-close-witness to decay as species disappear. Ultimately, the person takes on the perspective of a coral, one whose branches break off with an audible crack.

Gosh, but what if coral reefs didn’t actually go through a “destructive process”?

What if they actually come back to life when they have been declared dead?

Inconvenient: Giant Coral Reef That ‘Died’ In 2003 Teeming With Life Again

More Evidence of Coral Reef Resilience!

There’s more at this link.


I love sea life, especially beer battered with tartar sauce.  I want the coral reefs to be healthy, and I don’t pee in the ocean unless it is absolutely necessary.  I want a clean environment. 

Let’s just get the science right, and stop trying to make people into emotional sponges.

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4 Responses to Become the Coral…

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    I like my sea life boiled and dipped in melted butter!


  2. Paul Krendler says:

    I wonder how this “VR will make you FEEL the pain of the dying coral reefs” translates to violent video games?


  3. Boston Bob says:

    Why would I want to be Coral? Mother dead, dads a load, and missing an eye while risking becoming a walker all the time? What kind of life is that?


    • gmhowell says:

      On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 1:03 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

      > Boston Bob commented: “Why would I want to be Coral? Mother dead, dads a > load, and missing an eye while risking becoming a walker all the time? What > kind of life is that?” >


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