“I Want to Be a Liberal” Is a Hit!

A wave of liberal readers came The Craft Blog today. Some commented here, and some others I’m told went to another blog to mock my article “I Want to Be a Liberal.”Image result for liberal hate

Some very few of them actually commented here. You know, to the actual person who wrote the article.
I know that somewhere, somebody is bragging about their epic takedown of that hate-mongering rethuglican! A reminder: Epic is big, huge and exciting. Typing on a keyboard at a website is hardly ever epic.
About that essay: It’s an exaggeration of the worst of the liberal mindset. But after writing about these issues for a while, I didn’t need much time to write it. Each statement really does link to a genuine event. I almost made an annotated version.
A reader here tried to write an “I want to be a Republican” response, but fell short because there are so many misunderstandings:

I want to be able to decide what kind of religious devotion is appropriate. Baptists are good. Muslims, Hindus, and hippie Unitarians. Not good. If your religious beliefs say you need to wear a head scarf, you can’t put it on.


I know lots of Republicans and conservatives but I don’t know people who argue that. My examples were ripped from the headlines. There are anti-head-scarf debates in France, but I don’t remember hearing that as a Republican ideal. In general, conservatives and Republicans want everyone to worship as they wish, and long as blowing stuff up and cutting off heads is not involved. Do we need to debate that?
Am I going to visit the website in which my ideas are being trashed? Probably not. Folks are welcome here, regardless of political and cultural affiliation. If one of the thousands of visitors wants to stick around and comment, that’s good. I don’t know why I’d care if there are lots and lots of people misinterpreting, getting mad, or mocking what I write.  I’m curious, but not so much that I’ll give it much attention.
Even if they’re sure their takedown was epic!


This morning’s post:

I have no idea why, but something I wrote a while back has suddenly started getting some attention.  “I Want to Be a Liberal” started out this way:

I want to be a liberal.

I want to believe that by raising the minimum wage, I can put more money in people’s pockets. I don’t need to chase down the actual source of that ‘more money.’

I want to be able to fire the college dean or university president if he says a bigoted thing. Or fails to condemn with vigor something which someone else said which is clearly bigoted. What’s bigoted? It changes, but I’ll let you know after I hear what you have to say.

I want to be able to decide which level of cultural appropriation is appropriate. Tacos are good. Tacos with hats. Not good. If it’s your birthday and they bring a sombrero to your table while singing a song about your birthday, you can’t put it on. You can’t appropriate culture, language or mannerisms from the downtrodden cultures. Even though those cultures are superior to the slave-owning European-American Anglo culture, comprende?

Apparently it has been located by some liberals, and thousands of people read it today. A few commented, noting that it contains “straw man” or “red herring” arguments.

I would like to thank those who’ve read it, and even those who disagree.  Especially those who disagree, and yet still read it and ponder.

In the spirit of the original piece, I should say that “It’s how I still feel, and it’s not fair if you devalue my personhood by using ‘hate speech.'” 



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10 Responses to “I Want to Be a Liberal” Is a Hit!

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Dave, as you know, I am more than willing to disagree with you; usually it’s on matters of scale or degree. Please allow me to take this opportunity to attempt to critically analyze your original post.

    h/t to Kyle for the loan of the Tardis next week. (It’s an inside joke, Fark; Kyle is a time traveling felonious thief of ponies and html tags.)

    “I want to be a liberal.”

    Now that’s just clickbait sarcasm.

    I want to believe that by raising the minimum wage, I can put more money in people’s pockets. I don’t need to chase down the actual source of that ‘more money.’

    Raising the minimum wage will put extra money in some people’s pockets. I’m assuming your oversimplifying the fact that in the absence of some source of increased revenue for the employer that other, probably less experienced, people will be priced out of a job entirely. The net result being that money will be “taken out” of their pockets. I guess that’s what you meant by the “actual source”. In total, you sold yourself short on this one. You assumed, with some good cause, that the Artisan Craft Blog was only rarely frequented by anyone other than folks who call themselves “zombies” and/or “Lickspittles”.
    Pardon my stream of consciousness, but if you had written this line with more depth, your core audience would have been bored.

    I want to be able to fire the college dean …

    I don’t think any Deans have been fired. I know several tenured professors have been forced to resign for “Wrongthink” or “Wrongspeech”; but no Deans.

    …but I’ll let you know after I hear what you have to say.

    While very few on the left are willing to state it clearly, the statistical evidence leads one to conclude that “Traditional American Values” (the terms Euro-centric, Imperialist, Plantation etc. may be more in vogue) are the bigoted ones. Stuff like monogamy, capitalism, individual liberty, self discipline, self determination, self reliance (noticing a trend?)… So, here again you sell the blog short by assuming that we don’t know exactly what Liberals consider bigoted.

    I want to be able to decide which level of cultural appropriation is appropriate.

    Okay, this one hurts my algorithms a bit. I thought cultural appropriation was an absolute evil. If there are shades and nuances then the whole thing is bullshit; or are you trying to make that very point? Like I said, this one is too much twisted logic for me to deal with. Perhaps that’s why you used the “ironic” (yes, I know it’s sarcasm not irony; except considering the audience, the same one you failed to address earlier, it may very well be irony) comprende. But then again, I know that you are not a native Spanish speaker, thus appropriation based on assumption. wtfdijs?


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    RE Update: Bravo, good writing.
    I’m still waiting for “…logic and discourse.” from the driveby commenters.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Dave done hit the big time.

    Look at the hit count on that article and compare it to the highest hit count that William (Bill) Schmalfeldt ever got on something he wrote.

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  4. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

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  5. Just A Thought says:

    Hatred: Do what you want, I won’t stop you, just don’t make me participate and condone it.

    Tolerance: Bigot! You’ll participate and approve or else.

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