Science Probes Team Kimberlin

Dishonesty is an integral part of our social world, influencing domains ranging from finance and politics to personal relationships. Anecdotally, digressions from a moral code are often described as a series of small breaches that grow over time. Here we provide empirical evidence for a gradual escalation of self-serving dishonesty and reveal a neural mechanism supporting it. Behaviorally, we show that the extent to which participants engage in self-serving dishonesty increases with repetition.

Translation for members of Team Kimberlin: Little lies lead to more frequent lies, and eventually lead to larger, more extensive deception.  Three years ago:

Schmalfeldt Credibility Meter 02





7 thoughts on “Science Probes Team Kimberlin

  1. Paul Krendler

    Who wants to bet that all of Bill Schmalfeldt’s children (you know, the ones he denies having on his dating profile) all still think their dad is actually Santa Claus?


    1. Gus Bailey

      It’s obviously one of those cheap slovekian ones. They only tremble because of background credibility.

      Dave, you really should break down and buy the Taiwanese one; it’s shielded against background noise and can be adjusted to micro-really’s.

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker

    One of my favorite William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt lies was that Hoge killed his wife. Then it was Krendler that killed his wife. Then he decided it was a group effort that killed his wife. SMH, what a moron.

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    1. Freedom Costs

      seems he was the one ignoring that there was an issue. I recall seeing many tell him she needed to see a dr. maybe if he had bothered to pay any attention to her, he could have gotten her to a dr in time to help her. maybe not, but he carriers that burden not anyone else.

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