Is It Really This Bad?

In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost

The jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi Generation.

The Islamic jihadi network in the United States includes the most prominent Islamic organizations in America, as well as most of the 3,000+ Islamic Centers/mosques, all of the 700+ Muslim Students Associations (MSAs), all of the Islamic Societies and Islamic Associations (Hamas), and a large number of the Islamic non-profits created in 1993 forward.

The purpose of the Islamic Movement here – per their stated doctrine – is to wage Civilization Jihad until America becomes an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).


I have no data to support that Minnesota’s Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul for those in Yorba Linda) have fallen,  but I do know that the actions of the Obama administration could not be more beneficial to the expansion of an Islamic state in North America.

This could be incompetence, foolishness, naivete or selfish politics.  All of those explanations are long shots at this point.  The American left is either dumb, or they are actively evil.  Complicit seems more likely.


Minneapolis: Muslims riot, attack cops during protest of HBO series on jihad recruitment


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One Response to Is It Really This Bad?

  1. crawford421 says:

    I hate the Minneapolis police department for their treatment of Joel Rosenberg. I only knew him from his writing, but he got on their bad side by helping get shall-issue concealed carry passed in Minnesota, then by knowing the law better than they did. They pulled some bulls hit by retroactively “discovering” he had comitted a crime, and put him in jail.

    I’m not surprised they’ve ceded the city; they didn’t like the people, and are busy replacing them with those they hope will be more pliant.


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