Charlotte, NC Protests Cost City Big Bucks

From the Unintended Consequences Dept of the Craft Blog:

The Associated Press is reporting the city of Charlotte says protests following the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in September cost city taxpayers $4.6 million.

Most of that figure went to police officers who worked overtime.

Image result for Charlotte riots

Mostly Peaceful.

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2 Responses to Charlotte, NC Protests Cost City Big Bucks

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    They seem to want a revolution, but people who set things on fire are the first ones the inevitable authoritarian replacement government shoots, hangs, or beheads. Because all the chaos makes people crave order. As for the police they’re angry at? There would be a few examples made, but most would keep their old jobs under a new order… if they could stomach them.

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    • onwyrdsdream says:

      Alternate, tolerating the enemies of civilization will not do good things for civilization’s continuation. Being too true to certain principles leads to the disestablishment of those principles as governing.


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