Hate Speech in Canada? Don’t They Have a Law?

Professors Sign Letter to Protest Hate and Threats, Struggle to Find Time for Grading Midterms:

Over 250 University of Toronto faculty members have signed a letter to the administration, condemning hate speech and threats to trans and black students

Short version: A professor says something that angered the typical college professor and his/her students.  Actually, that was a hint.  The professor posted some remarks and videos against the ever-expanding collection of new pronouns covering the vast array of sexualities.

The professor is roundly criticized and somebody — somebody writes hateful and actually threatening things about transgendered and/or minority students.

Really shorter version: This crap is happening everywhere.  When will people realise that when someone says something you disagree with, they are NOT responsible for other people’s hate and threats.  It also is rarely a crime to speak out against the latest trend in leftism.  [I spelled ‘realize’ the Canadian way. — Dave]

Over 250 faculty members at the University of Toronto have signed a letter condemning hate speech and threats directed against black and trans students.

Professor Deborah Cowen said a response from the faculty was

Deborah Cowen, who bravely signed a letter denouncing violence and hate, which we all actually denounce, because everybody does.  I mean, hardly anybody ever says, yeah!  I support violence and hate. Oh, and she’s cute. Little make-up.  Let her hair grow. 

The letter is the latest in the saga of psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whose comments about transgender students have raised the ire of the university community.

[Holy CRAP!  It raised their ire? — God help up!]


Geography and planning professor Deborah Cowen is one of the professors who signed the letter. She said faculty have been trying to figure out a way to respond since the situation “erupted” earlier this fall.  

Peterson has defended his comments as free speech, but in the wake of the controversy, several transgender and black students have reported receiving crude and violent messages on social media.


May I just say, I regularly get crude and violent messages on social media, and those things are from my friends on Facebook.

Reached by phone, Peterson told Metro he “unreservedly condemn[s]” those making the threats, but said he will not apologize or retract his comments, including statements critical of efforts to amend the Human Rights Code to include protections for gender identity.

What dis Peterson need?  Professor Peterson needed Prophylactic Denunciation Insurance from The Craft Blog’s attorneys, Bob Null and Bill Void.

If you plan to make public statements which will inspire lesbians transgendered  hate-mongering gay  conservative people to make fake hateful messages on social media to create a firestorm, then you need to file a letter with Null & Void, so that you can denounce it all ahead of time.

Prophylactic Denunciation Insurance: Denounce anyone who agrees with you, should they take it too far.

And, if a left-winger tries to frame you for something some other guy/girl or whatever says…you’re covered.  Just say:

I already denounced it already.  Now, make me a sammich.

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