The Double-Secret Exoneration Myth

Brett Kimberlin has repeatedly alluded to a sort of double-secret exoneration, that is, a release from prison far earlier than his original sentence. The most recent attempt to sell this story is from the Walker v. Kimberlin transcript — as compiled by John Hoge from the  courtroom audio:

 From Hogewash:

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin tried to bring up his double secret exoneration during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial. He tried to claim that he has successfully sued the federal government for false imprisonment and has used part of the settlement for the initial funding of Justice Through Music Project.

MR. KIMBERLIN: The settlement that I received from the Department of Justice —

MR. WALKER: Objection.

THE COURT: [Addressing the Jury] Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll please wait outside for just a moment.

Jury Exits.

THE COURT: I have told you twice now we are not retrying that case…

Brett Kimberlin was paroled and released from prison in 2001.  

From a U.S. Parole commission document obtained by the Craft Blog by way of the the Freedom of Information Act:

PAROLE 1.jpg

I don’t claim to know everything about how double-secret exonerations go, and I really wonder about that REDACTED stamp, but it sure looks to me like Mr. Kimberlin is on parole.

The documentation included this tidbit about his original sentence:


Somebody really has to think about actually forcing prisoners to serve more of their sentences — especially for serial bombing.  According to one part of the documentation, Brett Kimberlin served 12% of his sentence, and was released 6-05-01.  


As always, I’ll be glad to retract, correct or make additions to any post here if necessary.

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4 Responses to The Double-Secret Exoneration Myth

  1. Perry Mason says:

    Everybody makes a big deal about how Willy and Brett happened to become “most excellent friends”. Maybe they just happened to meet at a meeting of “Sociopaths-r-Us”.

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  2. Onlooker says:

    This fable of his is such an outrageous, infuriating lie. He never obtained any reversal of his convictions, he never got any reduction of sentence or early release because of innocence, and no one gave him a nickel for anything to do with his bombing crimes.

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