Krendler, you magnificent b@stard!

Paul Krendler has documented that Bill Schmalfeldt not only owns a car, but has a driver’s license. 

From my email:


That is called a non-denial denial.

A journalist like Krendler could ask these legitimate questions:

  • Why would a person who surrendered his license in 2009 – ostensibly due to the accelerating symptoms of a progressive neurological disorder – need a new one?
  • Why would the person ever think it would be wise for him to get back on the road, after seven years of complaining that the targets of his stalking and harassment are only EXACERBATING his symptoms by asking him to stop?
  • Why would a lying, vexatious litigant who claims to be unable to travel outside the range of his MedicAlert device without risking his very life even need a driver’s license?
  • Wouldn’t this toss a serious wrench in his claims that he is unable to travel to court appearances in far-off jurisdictions?

In fact, Krendler did.  I changed turd-sniffing something or other to person.  

Let me add the following:

  • Since your online dating profile which you filled out recently states that you don’t shake, is there some other nickname do you actually have any physical limitations on travel.

  • Did you ever?

  • In repeated motions to dismiss, move cases to different jurisdictions, and to appear by video, you have painted your physical condition as frail. Was that all bullshit? How are you doing?

  • Is there something you’d like anybody to mention to your late wife’s family, as the notion that she did errands for you in the weeks before she died now seems relevant, and somebody — probably Roy — will be letting them know right quick..

  • Was there ever a time when you felt guilty about any of this?

I’m sure folks will add more.



48 thoughts on “Krendler, you magnificent b@stard!

  1. bschmalfeldt2015

    I have been very quiet regarding you folks in the hopes that you would find a new chew toy. Oh well. If Mr. Krendler has any questions for me, he can pose them to me himself with an e-mail from a non-anonymous account and ask away. First, though, I would like to know why any of this is his business. Bored? Lonely?


    1. BusPassOffice

      Bill, so does this car have handicap tags or plates? Does this negate your claim that you are disabled? Surely you didnt lie in court documents,( another felony there). Does this confirm that you never had parkinson’s?

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      1. bschmalfeldt2015

        That’s important to you, right? To feel like you’re “better” than me? Here’s the deal. You know where I live. Get your doughy ass up here, ring the buzzer for my apartment, I’ll have the coffee ready and we can discuss the ethics of journalism. Here I am, dough boy.


      2. Paul Krendler

        Why? You’ve got all this newfound mobility, and I’ll be more than happy to buy the coffee. I understand the vending machine at the Carroll County, MD courthouse are quite excellent!

        Shall we call it a date, then?

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      3. bschmalfeldt2015

        I have a better idea. You know where I live. I’m only 80 or so miles away. Come on up. You can show me for yourself how great you are. Make me bow to you, acknowledge your greatness. Or you can keep hiding and be the craven little pussy I know you to be. Choose. This is my final non-face-to-face communication with you, coward. You are free to keep feasting on Hoge’s dingleberries in the meantime. You are not a pimple on a good writer’s ass, in fact, you are not much of good for anything. Goodbye, coward.


      4. Paul Krendler

        You say you’re only 80 miles away, yet you asked Dave, not once but twice, “Who is Paul Krendler?”

        Either you know who I am or you don’t. Either you can prove who I am or you can’t. Either you have a car or you don’t.

        And I know the truth of all three.

        I will be there when they haul your piano-box-coffin needing ass away.

        Laughing and dancing.

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      5. Accipe remedium, Tremule!

        You are free to keep feasting on Hoge’s dingleberries in the meantime.

        Ever and always with the butt stuff—that’s William M. “Bill” Schmalfeldt, Sr. of St. Francis, Wisconsin, formerly of Elkridge, Maryland.

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      6. librarygryffon

        Let’s see. Unca Biwwy has taken material from TMZ and copyrighted it, which means that he has legally claimed to be Paul Krendler, which I would think would make it hard for him to walk into court and sue someone else for writing stuff he copyrighted. He has gone after several people other than Patrick Grady (who I assume to be the person he is currently claiming is PK) for writing as Paul Krendler, including at least one woman.

        And Biwwy is hardly one to go around calling folks “doughy”. He has looked in a mirror lately, hasn’t he?

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      7. one handle and stick to it

        Billy, the LAST time peeps showed up at your door….you PISSED YOURSELF. Remember that?
        I don’t think anyone wants to tread through your fearpee, thank you very much 😛

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    2. MJ

      Question – if you were being quiet and hoping we would all go away, shouldn’t you stop visiting these websites? I mean, if you don’t want anything to do with us, would the first step be you just go away?

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      1. MJ

        So you responded because Dave contacted you? Did your “ignore” button not work anymore? I don’t think it was working in the first place; you’re just using this play victim once again. In other words, you’re really not ignoring anyone, you just don’t like playing the game when you are forced to abide by your own rules.

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  2. gmhowell

    Has he denied the reports yet? According to Bill’s rulebook, if a person hasn’t denied the claims within 60 minutes, the claims stand as verified.

    Tick, tock.

    On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

    > Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) posted: “Paul Krendler has > documented that Bill Schmalfeldt not only owns a car, but has a driver’s > license. From my email: That is called a non-denial denial. A journalist > like Krendler could ask these legitimate questions: Why would a person who > surrendere” >

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    1. Ashterah

      Since he hasn’t denied them, of course they are true. But, we already knew that. He’s just pissed that he can’t weasel out of it this time. *snort*

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  3. Boston Bob

    It seems relevant to Mr. Krendler because BS has sued him (or at least, thinks he has) several times. Including getting a free lawyer and pauper status to do so. Since he keeps using and abusing his financial situation as a club and a shield, challenging it is within reason. Challenging his repeated use of a disability, which BS seems to believe will convey a “Get out of jail free” card is also on the table.

    For one, I wonder if the train ride to Chicago a few weeks back was actually a train ride? I suppose that he might have posted photos of the trip online that included the train, but I don’t recall. Did he drive himself to that meeting?

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    This information is, in fact, the business of taxpayers, who support the court system which BS has apparently deceived, and all those whom he has threatened to sue. He has used his alleged inability to drive as a way out of making court appearances, and to get telework permission at his federal job. He uses his alleged PD as a weapon to attack anyone who criticizes him. His late wife’s family has a right to know. The social security administration has a right to know. The children that he claimed he didn’t have (on his dating profile) have a right to know.


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    1. AJ Fornicarius Hoc

      It’s also the business of the apparently endangered people on the highways, byways, sidewalks , and in at least the first floor of any buildings without sufficient protective barriers to prevent a hallucinating tub of of rancid lard from penetrating in several thousand pounds of powerfully motorized steel.

      That’s assuming, of course he ‘only’ fraudulently obtained his driver’s license and insurance. As opposed to a near-decade of disability fraud.

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      1. Dr_Mike

        I’m assuming they got paid, it is the Federal Court system that was defrauded.

        And not in Maryland, here’s hoping that matters. And it’s Chicago, they approve of fraud, but fraud _within_ the system.


  5. gmking222

    BS claims he has been “very quiet” regarding Team Free Speech – his way of saying he has left everyone alone. Baloney! He’s still harassing Aaron and John on Twitter.

    BS is full of BS. 💩


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      1. Roy Schmalfeldt

        I had one of those when I was an undergrad in the 1970s.

        IIRC, it was about 10 megabytes.

        Used it with a Univac machine that had actual “core” memory, with tiny ferrite beads on a wire grid.

        “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of 9 track tapes!”

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      1. librarygryffon

        That works too. But I’ll skip the stick waving this time. I got whacked real good on the forehead once when the girl next to me missed on the diagonal and the stick just kept going. Didn’t break anything, didn’t get a concussion, didn’t even bruise, but the swelling was impressive and took a fair few days to go down.

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  6. Paul Krendler

    Hey, Dave, I have a question about the emails you sent to TheFatman_BTR (whoops!).

    I can tell from the subject line of the first that you asked if he has a car and a driver’s license, but did you tell him how you came to ask? In other words, how did he find out it was me and my little birdies, if he’s been ignoring my site all this time?


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