But He is a Real Jerk

You just have to be very careful about how you word things.  John Hoge posted a Hogewash! article about the accusation made by Aaron Walker that Brett Kimberlin is a rapist.  Aaron, who is of course a lawyer, helpfully chimes in:

So a failure to flag a claim in the charges as “knowingly false” doesn’t imply it is true. It might be that the jury wasn’t convinced the author knew it was untrue.

Still, the jury found that when Brett accused me of falsely accusing him of being a rapist, that Brett was making a “knowingly false” statement.

So in plain terms, he lied when he said that I “falsely accused” Brett of being a rapist.

Legalese can be clear as mud.  For instance, the case in which Kimberlin sued Stacy McCain, John Hoge, Aaron Walker and Ali Akbar was won by the good guys.  Kimberlin was not able to prove that he was not a pedophile, in part I think because he did not take the stand in his defense.  Oh, and “pedophile” is a psychiatric term, not a legal one.  Oh, yeah. His wife accused him of sleeping with him when she was underage.

Yeah.  There’s that.

And so this latest case is equally complex.  I’d encourage writers to be mindful of the facts, and not jump to the conclusion that Brett Kimberlin is an adjudicated rapist.  My understanding is that when Aaron Walker claimed that Brett Kimberlin was a rapist it was in the honest belief that Kimberlin’s wife told the truth when she accused him of statutory rape.

So, please.  Avoid saying things like “Brett Kimberlin is a rapist.”  He is clearly a convicted serial bomber, creepy failed rock singer, convicted perjurer,  habitual liar, habitual litigant and pied piper to a band of knuckleheads.

But as I once heard an investigative journalist say, YMMV.


UPDATE: There’s been some discussion about how a spouse would be able to claim she was sexually assaulted by her husband, and then later claim the entire thing was untrue.  Tetyana Kimberlin was born in either 1978 or 1980.  The later date occurs on some documents, and the earlier birth date is claimed on others.


Image result for Tetyana Kimberlin charges

I hope this clears this up.  And I don’t plan to write much about this seeming discrepancy, except to point out that most of us are pretty clear about our own birth year.

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One Response to But He is a Real Jerk

  1. theman9876 says:

    Hummmm………….UPDATE = Very Interesting!! What is the statute of limitations on 3rd degree Sexual Offense in Maryland? According to these Maryland Court documents, Brett Kimberlin was 38 YEARS OLD when he met his future wife, who was 14 YEARS OLD. When they married a couple years later, she was 16 YEARS OLD and should have been a sophomore in High School. While Brett had just turned 40. Absolutely Disgusting!!!!

    The only positive thoughts I can muster regarding this situation is that:
    1) Brett’s every move is being watched, documented, scrutinized and publicized. Which means his days of picking fresher berries is most likely over. Thank you Aaron, John, Patrick O, Patterico et al.
    2) Once the Kimberlin offspring are finally grown and out of the house, Tetyana might finally have the courage and opportunity to come forward and tell the truth about this sick mofo.
    3) This could all just be a random set of circumstances that had no sinister motivations. A middle-aged convicted felon and an ‘old-souled’ barely teenager fell madly in love and lived happily ever after.


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