Press Censorship: Not Just Authoritarian Countries?

Time has a funny way of proving that press censorship isn’t just a totalitarian or authoritarian symptom:


So, guess which non-authoritarian counties they mention?

Turkey, China, Russia, Egypt and Hungary.  

Of course restricting the freedom to report is in fact an example of authoritarian rule, so by definition these countries are bad guys.  On the other hand, when were Egypt, Russia and China ever free market of ideas, free speech?  

The fact remains that their headline could have led to a much better article about the UK, EU at large, France and Germany.)  These countries, and lets toss in Denmark, too, have pushed anti-refugee rhetoric off the mainstream.  As if it necessarily is racist to object to a million or so folks who do not share your culture to move in.  It’s a legitimate topic of debate, which is being hushed.  Overstep in your rhetoric, and these governments will shut you down.

And may I add that civil rights commissions in Canada will hit you with fines.  College students in the U.S. can get you fired.  

The new Iron Curtain is not communism or Islam, it’s the restriction on the rights of all people to speak and publish freely.


By the way, inciting violence, planning violence, yelling Trump! in a crowded theater full of beauty contestants…all bad.  

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One Response to Press Censorship: Not Just Authoritarian Countries?

  1. Dilligas says:

    “folks who do not share your culture” and who do not want to assimilate into your culture…

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