All that aside…


Rocochet has an odd take on the Hillary v. Trump election.  It describes Trump in the worst of terms, then…

Here is the problem. All that aside, Hillary Clinton is still worse. I will briefly go through only a partial litany which admittedly, by itself, does not demonstrate my proposition, but it is a necessary if not sufficient condition to convince.

She has shown herself to be incompetent in foreign policy, indifferent to national security and classified information, hungry for power over our lives and in fact indifferent or actively hostile to personal liberty. She is also, like the current occupant of the Oval Office, willing to trample on the Constitution to achieve her “progressive” ends. She thinks that it should be illegal to criticize her. Her economic policies will continue Barack Obama’s war on the energy industry and business in general. She will veto any attempt to roll back unconstitutional federal regulations that continue to pointlessly keep a boot firmly on the neck of the American economy. She will continue to flood the nation with people who don’t share our values and don’t want to.


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The smartest woman in the country.

Of the two awful choices, the argument goes, only Trump is a white man.  Only a white man can be removed from office by Congress, and therefore Trump is the guy to elect.

Apparently both Obama and Hillary are too big or historic to fail.  It is in fact Hillary who could be elected and shoot somebody on the street, and stay in office.

We certainly couldn’t remove the first black president, no matter the crimes.  Hillary would be another historic choice, and could never be removed.  So, when Trump oversteps — and you know he will — at least the nation will be able to start over, sort of.

So, the slogan should be “Vote Trump, he’s temporary.”

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What if I announced I only want one term?

There is another alternative.  We could get some courage as a nation and hold our leaders to high standards in office.  We could elect either but lobby our elected representatives to ensure excellent oversight of the executive branch.  We could make clear that the crimes of the last seven and a half years will not be repeated.

That’s hard, but it may be the only way to save the republic.


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