Still No Criminal Charges for Insulting a Guy

Headline at CBS6 Albany, NY.  The event happened at a school in Great Barrington, MA:


GREAT BARRINGTON, MA (WRGB)–Earlier in October, Great Barrington police and the FBI started looking into a verbal altercation in a classroom at Monument Mountain Regional High School.

Police tell CBS 6 a student made a racially-charged comment after a football player kneeled during the national anthem.

Let me also add that there have been no charges against the football player who allegedly “took a knee” during the National Anthem.  No charges also for the student who brought bacon to a classroom where he knew Muslim’s would be eating, nor have there been charges officially against the janitor who casually mentioned that “all lives matter,” and “some people just gotta chill.”

People.  Insulting someone — even with a racially insensitive word or what you call ‘hate speech’ is terrible.  But you called the cops over words?

Real calls for violence, or yelling fire in a crowded theater…That matters.  Punish the kid in school, and let’s stop pretending hate speech should be a crime.

Still, police say this should remind people to be mindful of what they say when they speak to each other.

Oh brother.


UPDATE: A similar thought by a UK blogger:

It is your right to be offensive through speech and written word and only your own judgement and taste limits you, apart from one factor – it is illegal to incite someone to commit a violent act (as it would be breaking the law) or join a terrorist organisation. That all seems rather sensible. If you do say offensive things then the consequences are your own, you could be ostracised if it is particularly bad or, in the case of journalism, your publication boycotted. It should never be the place of the government to suggest what is and is not offensive, mainly because no one can ever agree on what is or isn’t offensive in the first place.

The UK Commission on Racism and Some-such just issued a report suggesting that the freedom of the press might be a really keen idea, since so many people say offensive things.  

Most commissions of government end up saying things which offend me, but I deal with it.

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2 Responses to Still No Criminal Charges for Insulting a Guy

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Under what theory would I not be able to eat a BLT simply because the other party’s religion says they can’t eat a BLT? It’s not like I was planning on sharing something that small yet delicious with the rest of the class, anyway.


  2. Think peanut allergies, and you’ll get to the point where we are headed.


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