This Guy Was in Jail for a Year After the Shooting

No, Not the Police Officer, the Guy Who Was Shot!


October 10, 2016 The free thought project

“Birmingham, AL — In May 2015, officer Daniel Aguirre was given a Combat Cross Medalafter he said in a police report that he successfully fended off a struggle in which he and his partner were in danger. However, someone on the inside leaked Dashcam footage showing Aquirre shooting a man in the back as he lay prostrate on his hands and knees. Still, Birmingham police charged their victim, Aubrey Williams, with attempted murder.

But, last week, after spending more than a year in jail for a crime he never committed, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office finally showed a semblance of logic and dropped the charges against Williams.

Have you ever been angry, or so filled with adrenaline that you could pull the trigger on someone who was not a threat to you?  If so, you need to turn in the badge.

The officer won a medal for this, then the award was taken away.


12 thoughts on “This Guy Was in Jail for a Year After the Shooting

  1. Loren

    What did the officer kick away after he shot? It is possible as he turned the guy over, there was something in his hand that he thought was a gun, Even so, seemed to shoot way to soon, since from where he was, any aiming would requiring a contortionist act by the suspect.

    What really troubles me is that after he has shot the guy and cuffed him, neither officer so much as attempts any first aid.


    1. AJ Fornicarius Hoc

      The guy was on his hands and knees, hands empty, when shot. The gun kicked away may have been under him, or in his pocket, at that time; I can’t tell.

      As for first aid: I’ve watched a shit-ton of such video. First aid by cops is vanishingly rare, as far as I can tell, no matter how ill-justified any injuries they cause may be. Judging by tapes where there is audio, they seem to take their sweet-ass time calling in paramedics unless an officer is also injured.

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      1. Dr_Mike

        First aid by cops is rare. Cops preventing family, or EMTs, from providing first aid is less rare.

        And I humbly suggest that, when things are bad enough that folks like you and me are having this discussion, the problem is bad.

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker

    I see one gun already on the ground (possibly from the second suspect?) and the cop react to something when he turned the guy over. Hard to tell what was going on.


  3. onwyrdsdream

    Should be more careful about awarding metals until all the facts are known… if if the facts happen to be known and they’re bad, obviously avoid it. I’m sure Walter Duranty would agree.



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