Walker v. Kimberlin and Crime Family

Law Series 4As you know, Aaron Walker will have a busy three days in court.  Expect John Hoge to have some commentary and updates on Hogewash!.

My prediction: If you’re going to go to court, learning the law at Yale is better than learning law in jail.  But of course, it’s still Maryland.

John points out that preliminary motions and jury selection are on tap today.  Zzzzz.

This lawsuit is very important for a few reasons.  First of all, Brett Kimberlin has been using the courts to badger Aaron Walker — even using the criminal courts.  It’s bad enough that he abuses the civil courts, but his lying and manipulating has crossed into the criminal side.  I mean that in the literal sense.

Kimberlin and his crime family have twisted comments by Walker, and also John Hoge into very damning accusations.  The accusations are all false.

Aaron did write a post about the way Brett Kimberlin allowed his underage daughter to be presented in a overtly sexualized way to promote her singing career.  I would not have written that post, or included a picture of the child (with face obscured.)  That’s my choice.  Kimberlin blew that up into something it was not.  I didn’t plan that.  Poor word choice.

Image result for Brett Kimberlin

As I’ve said before, if Brett Kimberlin pushes people around this way with impunity, the entire internet of open ideas collapses.  Don’t bother firing up the keyboard, since your subject will sue, or claim harassment/stalking and try to get you arrested.  Having put Walker in handcuffs before, Kimberlin seems to want to do it again.

That is not what the criminal justice system is for.




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