How are the retards, Dave?

This comment appeared in the comment section of this blog the other day:



While the nickname of the writer slams my co-blogger David Edgren, I think the comment refers to my work as a special education teacher in North Carolina.

Given an opportunity to ignore or respond, my better nature tells me to ignore. Sometimes I ignore my better nature.
Some of my students have very low IQs. They have serious academic challenges. Some have also been abused physically and sexually. These issues will be with them their whole lives.

How are the retards Dave? — Edgren Failure October 5, 2016, 8:09 pm

Recently, I helped a child with a history of severe abuse and neglect to learn how to read. He stood up and read a Dr. Suess book in front of the entire class. Months earlier, he had been just this side of feral. He punched, scratched and spit on people regularly. I consider this nothing short of a miracle, and as we all know, miracles do not come from people.
God only knows why some children are born with fewer gifts. I mean that sentence literally. And no normal person can fathom the evil that guides an adult to serially abuse a child. I have read stories of unspeakable abuse, and have met the victims. They are damaged goods, I think, forever.

How are the retards Dave? — Edgren Failure October 5, 2016, 8:09 pm

Intelligence really isn’t something you can be proud of. Some people are going to be smarter regardless of their effort and environment. Who would be proud of being tall? Others will be given less, and they get called names by other kids. Sometimes by immature adults.

How are the retards Dave? — Edgren Failure October 5, 2016, 8:09 pm

Assuming this writer is an adult, this is just another example of the kind of “stupid and evil” we track around here. It’s hard to imagine what prompts prejudice against the mentally handicapped, and insults directed at children. 

In answer to your question. They’re doing fine. How’s your life?


14 thoughts on “How are the retards, Dave?

  1. Charles Hudson

    Thank you, Dave. You use your time and intelligence to help people in your community.

    Losers will hate you for that. Losers talk a lot about doing something good, but the only time they have is for the couch in their parents’ basement. They would rather someone else do the good, and that someone else pay for it.

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    1. Grace

      I couldn’t agree more, Loren.

      Dave addressed that ignorant and cruel comment perfectly – not to mention… Dave is a prince among men for the path he has chosen and the time he affords to special needs children.

      The Team Kimberlin goons are selfish, stupid, and evil. They would never be smart enough, nor ever give freely of themselves, to help someone else.

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