When You Find Yourself Typing These Words…

Your Life Plan Needs Tweaking

Bill Schmalfeldt has stepped in it again.  This time, he says he was just looking through his email and found an email which looks like it is from Stacy McCain.  It says something bad about  Karen, a.k.a. The Lonely Conservative.

Somebody sent somebody a nasty note!  On the interwebs!  In 2012!

Stacy McCain says he didn’t write this letter which I don’t care about. I’m not sure anybody else cares.  Karen told Bill Schmalfeldt not to contact her. (Which by the way folks is the step a lot of people take, just before visiing the county courthouse and asking for a Peace Order/Protection Order.)

Here is part of Bill’s commentary at Breitbart Unmasked:


There’s just so much here, including the fact that his belief should overrule everything else — including Stacy McCain’s denial.  The strange idea that “the words speak for themselves” as if McCain should be blamed for the words regardless of who wrote them.  

Schmalfeldt’s status as more or less fat, bald, crippled and widowed do not matter.

Drunk, stupid, demented or affected by Parkinson’s disease…  Actually that stuff is starting to matter more and more. Recently Bill published another story based upon what I think is a very poor forgery.  It involved a rape, and the story itself could put someone in danger, provided someone took Bill Schmalfeldt’s writings seriously.

He says it right there: I could be drunk as a skunk… Shouldn’t he know?


Someday, hopefully soon, somebody is going to have to guide Bill away from the keyboard. I have hoped for years that family, a judge or some legal negotiation will force him to stop.


“If I piss in your cornflakes, you’ll pay attention, right?”


Bill Schmalfeldt has a perfect right to compose actual commentary online. Unfortunately, he insists on using other people as the means to make himself relevant.  

Sad?  Yeah.  Drunk, stupid, demented…  

I believe some of that is true.  YMMV

Be well.






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29 Responses to When You Find Yourself Typing These Words…

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    Roughly 80% of everything Schmalfeldt writes somehow involves sexual assault, It’s his milieu. Now he’s forging rape fantasies.

    Maybe Cousin Roy was onto something.

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  3. Sputnik is still up there says:

    Cousin Roy has made certain accusations against him. Others have made accusations against his late wife frequenting truck stops. I know who I “believe.” “YMMV.”

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  4. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    At least we know why he was fired from every job even tangentially related to journalism. It’s because he sucks at it. He puts zero effort into anything he writes. Anyone can hand him anything (as long as it shows his “enemies” in a negative light) and Bill will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. He is just too stupid and/or lazy to vet anything properly. I wonder how many of the newspapers he claims to have worked for fired him after finding out he was writing lies about people because he was just too lazy to actually earn his paycheck?

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    • agiledog says:

      I somewhat disagree. I believe Bill knows these are forgeries, and proceeds to try and use them to hurt people. He is not being duped by Brett or anyone else (at least not in front line activities – I think he is being duped if he believes they have his back) – he is an active and willing participant in these attempts to embarrass or intimidate people.

      He is evil AND stupid.

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    • crawford421 says:

      He was fired from multiple unpaid positions. Think about that for a minute…

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      • BusPassOffice says:


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      • Russ says:

        You might also recall the one “gig” where he was involved with some Parkinson’s group or another – not only unpaid, but essentially he was donating (“effort,” or some such) and they asked him to stop. His “labors” would appear to have a negative economic value.

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  5. JeffM says:

    What Witless Willie claims to believe is of significance to virtually no one.

    Did he once say that he was Paul Krendler? He has said that he did not say that. He has also said that he did say that. Do I believe that Witless can be relied upon to tell the truth as he sees it? No, I do not believe so.

    Nevertheless, I believe that he sometimes tells the truth as he sees it.

    Of course, the truth as some see it is not the truth. People can be wrong. Some people are seldom wrong; others are very seldom right. Willie at one time apparently did believe that Wisconsin recognized the tort of false light invasion of privacy, but he was wrong. Willie at one time apparently did believe that Maryland’s law of forum non conveniens allowed courts in Maryland to transfer cases to courts in Wisconsin, but he was wrong. Willie at one time apparently did believe that people in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and North Carolina could not get protective orders against him, but he was wrong. Willie at one time apparently did believe that Brett Kimberlin had meritorious legal claims against numerous people, but he was wrong.

    In short, I believe that the beliefs of the Witless are worthless.

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  6. “Fake Journalist Bill Schmalfeldt”™ is just trying to get people to pay attention to him.

    The courts have ruled against him with all the other people he creeped after, so he’s looking for new victims that don’t have restraining orders in place.

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  7. Eventually, he will run out of people.

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    • viewfromnl says:

      Or run into the wrong people.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        You may have missed it, but he sauntered into Kiwi Farms all on his own, looking for a posse to go after Patrick Grady.

        It didn’t work out the way he planned. Then he threatened to sue them and it got worse, And yes, it was hysterical.

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      • gmhowell says:

        Given the locked thread, the shutuppery worked.

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      • viewfromnl says:


        “Given the locked thread, the shutuppery worked.”

        Yeah, I was wondering about that… but, frankly, all that needs to be said about the Creepy Stalking a$$h0le Bill Schmalfeldt has been said.

        The best revenge, and the worst punishment that you can inflict on Bill Schmalfeldt is to treat him as the ridiculous, impotent, profoundly revolting pariah he truly is.

        Bill Schmalfeldt knows the biggest boon he can bestow upon any human on the planet is to simply go the f*ck away. Which is why the loathsome freak will go to great lengths, even risk PMITA prison, in order to continue to contact those he’s perversely fixated on.

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  8. Rain says:

    Does Bwilly offer any reason other than “this makes RSM look bad!! SO IT MUST BE TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!111!!!” to assume there is any validity to the claim that it was ever sent by RSM to anyone??

    No, just his assumption that it must be true because…
    Gee, with top notch reporting skillz like that it’s a wonder ol’ Bwilly isnt working for CNN…OH yeah, he’s too disabled to have a “real job”…which is why he’s back at BU I guess.

    I do hope he comes to regret trying to “out-crazy” RSM. IYKWIMAITYD

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  9. one handle and stick to it says:

    “Someday, hopefully soon, somebody is going to have to guide Bill away from the keyboard. I have hoped for years that family, a judge or some legal negotiation will force him to stop.”

    If the Deb Frisch case is any guide, the first step will be when Schmalfeldt’s victims start filing police reports. Unless and until that happens, I predict BS continues with impunity.


    • viewfromnl says:

      What makes you think they haven’t?

      The best defense against scumbags like Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin is to rigorously maintain you anonymity. That also reduces the temptation to act out the final scene in “The Departed” in various basements, tincasas, and retirement hovels.


    • lorddewclaw says:

      Frisch only started getting sideways with law enforcement when she started up her bullshit with a judge and city council person IIRC.

      Before that she harassed Jeff G and others and little was done.

      I expect that Team Kiddie Diddler will eventually get there and start their bullshit with a judge or elected official that will have no prob getting the machinery of justice in high gear and tie off a knot in their asses.

      But as we have seen with John Hoge and Aaron, Justice ain’t for the little people.

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  10. Edgren failure says:

    How are the retards, Dave?


    • Toastrider says:

      Izzat Fergie? Or Osborne?


      • agiledog says:

        I think it is Bill “Krendler’s Bitch” Schmalfeldt. He is the only one too stupid to know the difference between Dave and David.

        I only know that it must be someone who had/has a beef with David Edgren, and knows I teach special education. 7 billion people on the planet. Could be anybody – Dave

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      • Grace says:

        “I think it is Bill “Krendler’s Bitch” Schmalfeldt. He is the only one too stupid to know the difference between Dave and David.”

        Just look at how the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill “Krendler’s Bitch” Schmalfeldt started going on the attack against Stacy McCain again – out of the clear blue sky, with no provocation whatsoever, for apparently no reason at all… a really bad, horrible, stupid idea since Stacy has owned BS’s fat ass too many times to count.

        Sooo… I figure the dumbass would be more than willing to go after David Edgren again – out of the clear blue sky, with no provocation whatsoever, for apparently no reason at all… a really bad, horrible, stupid idea since David, too, has epically owned BS’s fat ass.

        OR… as you said, agiledog: Bill “Krendler’s Bitch” Schmalfeldt is the only one too stupid to know the difference between Dave and David. Although, Fifi Fergie very much belongs in the “too stupid to know the difference” scumbucket, too. And, Fifi certainly has been one arrogant, mouthy, little bitch as of late – even compared to his *normal* arrogant, mouthy, little bitch self.


      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Even better than David Edgren owning the Diminished Capacity Kid in public was the Kid publishing the confidential communications showing him signing over the ownership and registration papers to David. That would have had him sanctioned until the end of time had Schmalfeldt not dropped everything and run off to hide in Wisconsin. That was the most beautiful brand of stupid I’ve ever seen.

        Lolcow Billy glories in his own humiliation. He’s like a flasher with micropenis. That he’s now threatening to sue people yet again, despite never having gotten as far as opening arguments in his seven previous attempts, proves it as much as anything ever could.

        Unemployed and unemployable journalist, podcaster and show tune aficionado Bill Schmalfeldt can’t live without us laughing at him. He simply isn’t alive if he isn’t the object of ridicule.

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      • Grace says:

        There just ain’t no stupid like (Bill) Schmalfeldt stupid. *smh*

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Worst country song ever!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Unlike the rest of you I ( or most) I think Bill created, or cooperated in creation, of both forgeries. He’s trying to distance himself from this other one by pretending to investigate his own documents.


  12. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I fail to understand how twerking will help his lifestyle.

    Dumbfuck. Twerking. crap, now I have to go seppuku myself.

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