Just a Bunch of Clowns, Nothing to See


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut school district is banning clown costumes and any “symbols of terror” during this year’s Halloween season as authorities investigate the authenticity of a number of clown-related social media posts.

New Haven Public School officials said Monday principals and building leaders have been requested to ban the costumes until additional information is available.


This comes amid an investigation involving police into an account on the photo-sharing social media site Instagram. The account uploaded four photos showing menacing-looking clowns with captions telling several area schools to “watch out” and “wait and see” whether the alleged threats are fake.

There’s been a rash of clown sightings — did I just type that? — and the North Carolina stories included some hint that kids were being lured by clowns.Buffy the Clown 3

All of which makes no sense, as we all know most kids are afraid of clowns.  Sadly, aging political activists posing as rock singers are not yet equally creepy to teens.  

I don’t think there’s a ‘there’ there with this story.  I am fascinated at the idea that clowns are so ingrained into society that we no longer say “men dressed as clowns…’  but we say clowns.  Some of the stories have said things like “…we’re hearing reports of alleged clown sightings.”  A local clown wrote an op/ed in the Raleigh paper defending his fellow clowns.

If you wear a cape, you’re a guy in a Superman suit.  Red nose and white makeup, and you’re a clown.  Huh.  Odd. 


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