‘Dimwitted Henchman’

McCain has a way with words. He’s describing a hoax which Bill Schmalfeldt has wandered into. Or was he involved all the time? *


Therefore I never got into the details of this evil email hoax, and warned Karen to keep the methodology under wraps, which is why the email that Bill Schmalfeldt screencapped and sent out via Twitter had never been published anywhere before.

So how did Bill obtain this evidence of a criminal fraud?

Maybe he got it from the Philippine intelligence agency?

*He’s never denied it.

Bill Schmalfeldt commented at The Other McCain, and he’s as lucid as you expect:


Image result for Vizzini

A clever ruse?


11 thoughts on “‘Dimwitted Henchman’

  1. JeffM

    I like logic.

    A purportedly sends an email to B. C publishes a COPY of the purported email. Did C get it from A? If the answer is no, what basis does he have for believing it came from A? If C refuses to explain the provenance of his copy, why should anyone give rat’s ass about his beliefs?

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      1. Toastrider

        Well, the principle of ‘I don’t like being shown up as an utter toolbox’ as opposed to any moral or ethical concepts.

        But yeah. What Neal said.

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