Female Chess Players Will Need to Cover Up Next Year


Iran is not an appropriate place for an international competition of any kind.  Like apartheid South Africa, or North Carolina, it should be treated as a vast wasteland of bigotry. [Kidding about NC.]

I personally will be boycotting the beach volleyball tournament if that goes to Iran as well. 

The Telegraph:

The world’s top female chess players have reacted with horror after being told they must compete at next year’s world championship wearing a hijab.

Within hours of Iran being revealed as its host country, the prestigious event was plunged into crisis as it emerged players taking part face arrest if they don’t cover up.

In response, Grandmasters lined up to say they would boycott the 64-player knock-out and accused the game’s scandal-hit governing body Fide of failing to stand up for women’s rights.

Nazi Paikidze, the US women's champion

Nazi Paikidze, the US women’s champion CREDIT: ZUMA PRESS, INC. / ALAMY


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10 Responses to Female Chess Players Will Need to Cover Up Next Year

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Wait, her name is Nazi???


  2. Dianna says:

    What an unbelievable move.

    Train, phone.


  3. Paul Krendler says:

    Well, thank Allah (PB&J Be Upon Him) that nobody is asking anyone to “respect the cultural differences” of people who expect you to use the restroom that corresponds to your actual junk!

    What a scandal that would be.


  4. Techno Jinxx says:

    of course the usual liberal puke is being recycled concerning the objecting players..”respect the culture!!! dont want to wear it then dont go!!!”
    completely forgetting these aren’t randome vacationers, they are grandmaster chess players, and if they dont compete they lose their rating in the over all standing of who’s who in the chess world.

    I recommend boycotting but unless EVERY one of the participants do so, including males, making it a non-event, nothing much will happen.

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  5. I also am of the opinion that they should say “you disrespect our women, you can forget your tournament…”


  6. agiledog says:

    Why does she have TWO queens? Does she always carry a spare?

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  7. Frankly, they should all have to play in the nude.

    Level the playing field, as it were…


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