Please Help Us Find Matt Osborne

John Hoge is having trouble locating Matt Osborne, who until recently wrote for the web site Breitbart Unmasked.  He’s also being sued for comments in an article about John Hoge. The title?

 William Hoge Stalking A Teenager For His Conspiracy Theory

You know, I’ve tried to be a better headline writer.  It just doesn’t seem to be in me.  He’s good!

Here’s a tidbit from Hoge’s complaint.  In fact, if you know nothing about John Hoge, Matt Osborne, Breitbart Unmasked or this whole years long affair, learn all you need here:


Matt Osborne wrote an article which is still up at the BU site, which states “William Hoge of Maryland indicated that he pays entirely too much attention to [K.Kimberlin], the teenage daughter…”  I have it on good authority that Hoge didn’t really say that.

Wanna know something cool?  Osborne wasn’t at the hearing.  Hoge figures that his source was Brett Kimberlin, a convicted perjurer and father of the girl who was never stalked.  Wait?  His source was a convicted perjurer and dad of the alleged…

It’s so hard to cover things long distance.  I didn’t cover John Hoge’s hearing today because… Well, Nevermind.  

Now, there was an “update” to the article and I think he figures he ‘fixed’ the article. The headline is still there, and the quoted items above are still up.  

Which brings me back to the author of the article, Matt Osborne.  This is the last known photograph:

No, actually just the only photo I could find.

Unlike at least one other person being sued by Hoge, Matt Osborne looks larger in person than he does in this photo.  

If you see him, please do not approach him.  I mean, you could.  Sure, go ahead.

Tell him that John Hoge wants to get him some of the mail he left behind at the old apartment.

It seems a relative passed away, and has left Matt some money.  Or an el Camino.  

Or as John Hoge wrote today:

The motion for alternate service on Matt Osborne was denied, and Judge Hecker instructed me how to proceed with service of process against Osborne. I will follow his directions.


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