Lawsuits and Hearings

It’s wrong to think of a single hearing as a beginning and ending for a court case.  John Hoge has a hearing on motions set for this morning, and I have not heard the outcome. Bill Schmalfeldt and William Ferguson are set to appear by video.  (Must miss TV.)

Even if John Hoge prevails, there will be appeals.  If John doesn’t win by default, he’ll press on, I think.  It’s Maryland, so you can never tell.


None of this changes some simple facts:

Team Kimberlin members have a twisted perspective on life.  The guy who blew up 8 bombs, and who sings about adult men wanting teenage girls for sex is someone to be admired.  The Yale educated lawyer who stands up for free speech, and the engineer who spends his senior years working to make the internet a better place…well those guys are brain-addled and foolish.

It takes a great deal of work for most individuals to be that stupid. Ferguson, Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt make it look easy.


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29 Responses to Lawsuits and Hearings

  1. Oh, I’m stupid?

    Huh…considering I just beat Hoge with one motion because I knew something he didn’t (namely more about civil conspiracies) my motion was granted in less than 10 minutes.

    The pothead just beat the quantum mechanic.

    One and Done, bitches!

    The Mockery Continues


    • BusPassOffice says:

      sure you did, BTW where did matt run off to

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    • I said you make stupid look easy. I didn’t say you were stupid. I have only your published writings and behavior to determine these things.

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      • Oh, I’m super stupid?

        Yeah, Dave, that makes it all better.



      • Dave, you need to change that to saying he is stupid. Stupidity is the only possible possible excuse for reading “I didn’t say you were stupid” as meaning you’re “super stupid”.

        To clarify parts of the above paragraph for the linguistically and antecedently challenged:

        “I didn’t say you were stupid” == “Dave didn’t say Ferguson was stupid”.
        … you’re “super stupid” == … Ferguson is “super stupid”.

        So to put the entire thing back together so even a 1st grader can understand it:

        Stupidity is the only possible possible excuse for reading “Dave didn’t say Ferguson was stupid” as meaning Ferguson is “super stupid”.

        Though given the rumors about his day job, I suppose he could just be assumed to be sampling the product.

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      • The stoner just beat the quantum mechanic, sweetie.

        Oh yes – he tried to drag me onto his home field to play his game and I beat him at it.

        That’s probably something you’ll never forgive me for, huh?


    • Yeah, you are stupid. You’ve heard of dumb luck, right?

      I judge your stupidity based on your apparent veneration of an unrepentant terrorist pedophile. That’s because I give you the benefit of the doubt, assuming that you aren’t a pedophile yourself, and that you’re too dumb to understand how evil it was to maim Carl DeLong with a bomb in a gym bag. Not to mention arrange Julia Scyphers’ murder.

      Am I wrong? Do you recognize that evil, and just not care? Because of partisan politics?

      I’d prefer to be stupid, and thought so, if it was me.

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      • This Other Latin F*cker says:

        No, he’s a pedo. He published on twitter that he wanted to have sex with a 14 year old. It’s that exact kind of sickness that got Kimberlin adjudicated a pedo in a court of law.

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      • Well, as I said, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. In this case, that means I’m assuming that he was making a stupid, tasteless joke in response to a stupid, tasteless joke, rather than indicating a sexual preference for teen girls. I don’t pay much attention to this guy, but this is the only example of such behavior I know of. If there’s more, that would likely change my mind. Until I see more, though, I’m going with stupidity, because I’ve seen plenty of evidence of that.

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      • Do not presume to lecture me about partisan politics, asshole.

        Luck had nothing to do with this – Hoge’s complaint was defective from the start and I capitalized on it.

        He didn’t properly plead a civil conspiracy, he relied on a state case law that was factually correct save for the fact that it didn’t negate the minimum contacts clause of Maryland’s Long Arm statute.

        And the judge affirmed everything I knew to be true.


      • No, feeb, that’s still luck on your part. I still know you’re stupid [and evil, apparently] because you think you’re in the clear. You’ve basically conceded that point that you did participate in a civil conspiracy, but you think Hoge can’t amend his argument regarding jurisdiction. If your dumb, dumb luck holds, perhaps Hoge won’t succeed in that.

        Nice admission of evil on your part, though. Is there any crime a political ally can commit that you might be repulsed by?

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      • That’s funny, AJ, because the judge told Hoge to his face that he didn’t actually PLEAD a civil conspiracy.

        Yup, utterly failed to make the case.

        And that’s why I will NEVER be dragged into a Maryland court.

        He lost. Get over it.


      • By the way, AJ –

        I *am* in the clear.


      • Keep telling yourself that, lackwit, and keep hugging your security blanket.

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      • As I told the judge this morning –

        If Hoge wants to sue me, he can come to California and sue me.

        But he won’t. That’s too much work and out here in the Golden State we have a much higher standard than Carroll County.

        But, hey…he’s free to take me on here at my home game.

        I welcome it.


      • Black Betty says:

        So you’re not denying that you want to have sex with little girls? Jesus fuck. What the hell is wrong with you? You creepy sick freak.

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      • Paul Krendler says:

        Fifi has never been a terribly impressive intellect, but this is particularly rich in FAIL:

        In THIS comment he says “I *am* in the clear,” but in his VERY NEXT comment he says “If Hoge wants to sue me, he can come to California and sue me.”

        That doesn’t sound very “in the clear” to me. At least not in a “somebody has tried and failed to sue me so many times that he’s all out of jurisdictions to try” sort of way.

        Besides – Fifi didn’t beat Hoge…he won on a technicality, and everyone knows if you don’t beat your opponent on the merits, you’re just a loser. Didn’t the cracksmoking Wisconsin legal team share that?

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  2. Grace says:

    “… I knew something he didn’t (namely more about civil conspiracies)…”

    Courtesy of being a co-conspirator in one.

    Oh. I’ll add “allegedly” so FiFi doesn’t get his fee-fees all bent out of shape.


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  3. It’s like this, kiddies (gather ’round, yer Uncle Willy is going to tell you a story):

    The judge told Hoge to his face that he missed a glaring chunk of a state case he relied on, the one that affirms the minimum contacts clause of Maryland’s Long Arm Statute.

    Actually, I don’t think that was a mistake. I think Hoge purposefully left that out to try to wing it past the judge because – had he actually mentioned it – it would have invalidated his complaint that dragging me into a Maryland court was for good and proper consideration.

    Or, it could very well be that the Old Bastard missed it completely.

    In either case, it was a rookie move and he came up short at bat.

    The other thing was the judge telling Hoge to his face that he didn’t actually plead a civil conspiracy. Oh, sure, he titled it as such but utterly failed to plead it that way.

    So…under the doctrine of collateral estoppel Hoge’s chances of ever dragging me into a Maryland court boil down to two things:

    Diddly and Squat.


  4. Funny how he totally misses the point. Or ignores it in the hope that no one else will see it.

    And he still can’t comprehend basic written English that all my kids could follow well before hitting middle school. No need to wonder why at his age he’s still in a job with no paid time off.


  5. A Reader #1 says:

    Folks, just an FYI, collateral estoppel does not apply unless there was a dismissal WITH PREJUDICE in this case. Somehow, I doubt it.

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  6. BusPassOffice says:

    he can refiled another suit, correct the deficient area, and move to combine.

    so sleep well, unless you were dismissed on the counts with prejudice (which is also not a 100% absolute) anytime, at his reasoning, he can file a new case. Remember, shot happens

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