If You Were Evil…

Could you do anything to soil the reputation of the United States which would be worse than the current administration?

Fox Business:

Pastor Saeed Abedini, one of four American hostages released from Iran in January:

Abedini said he and other hostages were left to fend for themselves after flying from Iran to Germany when they were released after the Obama Administration’s $400 million payment to Iran.

After spending a few days in a hospital in Germany, Adedini was surprised to hear that he needed to buy his own plane ticket home. 


You could not.  Don’t even try. 


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4 Responses to If You Were Evil…

  1. Charles Hudson says:

    Weirdo assholes like Schmalfeldt seem to have pride in being remorseless liars and hypocrites. And they don’t really care if they get called on it. They just move on to the next lie they can think of. “Progressives”.

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  2. Ashterah says:

    Right now, you have to take anything “pastor” Abedini says with a grain of salt. Especially his accounts of “torture” in prison. Many, many things do not add up. I won’t go so far as to call him a outright liar, but he does not have the sterling reputation for truth-telling that many want him to have. I certainly would not want him as the “face” of anything, his time in an Iranian prison notwithstanding.

    Let me just throw this out there for one of the weird things that occurred. How many Iranian prisoners who are being actively tortured are allowed to make weekly Skype calls with their wife in the United States? Because that’s what was allowed him.

    He may have been a pawn in a political game. But whose pawn is anyone’s question.

    I won’t even go into the physical, emotional and spiritual abuse that has been alleged that he committed on his wife.


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