Pithy Title

This Tweet is getting some attention at Thinking Man’s Zombie:


Notice that Bill Schmalfeldt is complaining that Paul Krendler is suggesting that Breitbart Unmasked be referred to as Captive Nurse Undead. Captive Nurse was a nickname for Mrs. Schmalfeldt, who in her later years was still caring for Bill as his Parkinson ’s disease prevented Bill from getting out much.

She has since passed away. 

Rolly Walker.png



This might lose me some readers, but let me offer this:

Spouses and families should be off limits.  I formally and officially denounce Paul Krendler in the strongest of possible terms for making any mention of Bill Schmalfeldt’s wife.

I’d like to also state that whoever put Mrs. Schmalfeldt’s deathbed photograph on the internet is a lowlife cretin.  

Same with whoever forged a document about Aaron Walker’s wife.  Or contacted Mrs. Hoge’s friends and associates in the community group with whom she volunteers. 


Eric P. Johnson’s daughters, who are actually quite nice looking, but I’m not going to publish their picture.  Bill did,  And mocked.


And the jackwagon who tried to scare agiledog’s wife with threats of destroying her business, or was that someone else?  It all gets confusing. 

And the fellow who contacted Sara’s soon-to-be ex-husband.  Or the freak who wrote about Sara’s grandchild, and put a pixilated picture of the child on his website. 


And one day, we’re gonna figure out who wrote all that nasty stuff about the Stranahans, and contacted Social Services. 

Then I’ll denounce them, too. I denounce myself for forgetting a bunch of other good examples.


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13 Responses to Pithy Title

  1. Ashterah says:

    Interesting, innit, when you put things all in a line. Not enough strawmen can be offered up to knock them all down, eh Mr. Schmalfeldt? Not NEARLY enough.

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  2. This post just needs a pithy title.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    So you are telling me that the guy who made his wife clean the house, cook the meals, go food shopping, and make post office runs to file his dog shit legal papers while she was actively dying because he was too “disabled” to do it himself is now going on unaccompanied trips to Chicago, long strolls along the lake front, is doing his own laundry, cleaning his own piss off the floor, and has finally discovered you can have groceries delivered?

    There are many words to call a “man” like that. Most of them not fit to post on this blog. Some of the ones that come to mind I can post are coward, psychopath, user, leech, liar, manipulator, weasel, asshole, scum sucking bastard, etc.

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  4. agiledog says:

    I formally and officially denounce Paul Krendler in the strongest of possible terms for making any mention of Bill Schmalfeldt’s wife.

    Since Bill has formally claimed to BE Paul Krendler, that means Bill was the one making any mention of his wife.

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  5. Dr_Mike says:

    Ah, this year in history. Good times, good times.

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