Conflict Resolution Squads Deployed to Charlotte, NC

Dana at Patterico explains that the Obama Administration has brought out it’s big guns —-okay that’s the wrong word — to quell the unrest in Charlotte:

President Obama has not publicly condemned the protesters rioters or made any demand plea for them to stop. Instead, the Dept. of Justice is sending “conflict resolution experts” to Charlotte to presumably talk to rioters about how they feel, and one assumes, encourage them to use their words in an effort to understand what makes them try and throw an unconscious person into a burning trash can, assault a news reporter, commit the predictable burn, break and loot of locally owned businesses, injure at least a dozen police officers trying to control the mayhem, and terrorize innocent bystanders caught up in the melee.

The Obama administration’s Justice Department will send conflict resolution experts to Charlotte, N.C., to try to quell the violent unrest over the death of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was shot by police Tuesday afternoon


This is the kind of bold leadership needed at a time of civic unrest.  I applaud the administration for doing all it can under the circumstances.  Yes.  This is all it can do.

Maybe they’re mad about a video.


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2 Responses to Conflict Resolution Squads Deployed to Charlotte, NC

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Will they be deploying quarter-inch foam mats for nap time?


  2. Only in safe spaces. And at this point, the nearest safe space is outside of Charlotte.


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