Scientists Plan Agriculture on Marrs

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Space agriculture is possible on Marrs, according to UCLA scientists.  Because of the complexity of growing certain crops, researchers actually began their experiments on cannabis.

“Marrs might be a great location for pot farms, given the atmosphere and nutrients in the soil.” mumbled Bunsen Boyson, a slacker with the Jet Propulsion Lab and the UCLA School of Horticulture.

The team recreated the martian ecology, then grew pot in a large plot of land in the desert.

“Nobody felt like growing soybeans or corn. Of course, now we can’t get anybody to seriously consider writing up the experiments either.”

The team of scientists working on the project were scheduled to participate in a meeting next Tuesday, but may have to cancel.

“We actually will be presenting the results of the study, but it will be by telephonically presententing, instead of in person.  I will be enjoying the results of the experiment in bed, and hopefully will appear by way of phone, video conference, or my phone,” Boyson stated, through a cloud of pungent smoke.



Related: Bill Schmalfeldt has been granted the opportunity to appear at the upcoming hearing telepathically.  

He has been ordered by the court to think very hard about the case during the hearing.  A court appointed psychic will be reading his thoughts in Westminster, Maryland.  

At last word, a team of mathematicians from the Kimberlin Institute of Math was trying to convert Eastern Time to Central Time, so Schmalfeldt will know when to start, but was having no luck.    





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2 Responses to Scientists Plan Agriculture on Marrs

  1. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    O/T: Sutter County, California’s medical marijuana ordinance prohibits outdoor grows.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    Did someone say “MARRS?”

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