One Dead, Two Shot in Charlotte

I predict that headline will be wrong by morning.  WSOC is a good news station there.

This all started with one man shot dead.  Police officer and civilian both African-American.  Police say they recovered a weapon, and have witnesses saying the deceased was holding the gun.  

I get it.  People are pissed off about dead black men shot by cops.  In this case, people are protesting even though the shooting may have been justified.

It’s hard to understand why Walmart got looted.  Why someone was shot tonight.  

SHOT.pngPolice are in riot gear, but are firing rubber bullets and tear gas.   The man who died was black — but of course lots of early reports are wrong.


Quick predictions:

  • there will be no discussion of urban gun culture in the media
  • liberals and the media will continue to act as if the typical white gun owners is just one hateful word away from killing hundreds of people with his black scary-gun
  • the shooting will be quietly ruled as justified
  • nobody will consider the comments made by any protesters to be “hate speech”
  • more businesses will be destroyed
  • things will calm down
  • there will be a commission, oversight board or a mega-money campaign to appease
  • nothing meaningful will come of this
  • the Donald Trump campaign will be quizzed about fostering hate
  • this shooting will be rolled into the group of shootings by the media — and people will forget if the evidence showed the shooting was justified
  • the truth will be overshadowed by the narrative
  • nobody will remember the black man who died tonight — except his family

From Real Clear Politics:

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2 Responses to One Dead, Two Shot in Charlotte

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Latest is “Critical Condition”. Check ur mail.


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