Maybe I’ll Blog Tomorrow, Maybe Not

I’m giving the forces of evil a day off, as I’ll be in an educational conference.



Whatever you do, whoever you spend time with, your day will be more exciting than mine.  By far.


3 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Blog Tomorrow, Maybe Not

  1. librarygryffon

    Unless of course we’re attending an educational conference too. 🙂

    Depending on exactly what the conference is covering and what agenda is being pushed, it is debatable whether you will get to give the Forces of Evil the day off. I’d certainly consider that the FoE has it’s fingers in the Common Core.


  2. Dr_Mike

    Is this conference anything like a committee? An animal with four or more stomachs and no brain?

    Or is it like a meeting, where minutes are kept, and hours are lost?

    Been there, done that, and the T-shirt I bought was rayon/poly.



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