Trumpiness Cured, Hillaryness Continues Despite Medical Treatment

It Was Easier To Cure Trump Of His Trumpiness Than Hillary of Her Hillaryness

Daily Wire

Trump had to stop being Trump in order to gain in the polls; Hillary has to stop being Hillary in order to do the same. But it was easier for Trump to stop being Trump. That’s because Trump defined himself as a borderline nut job, a crazy man willing to do or say anything. To stop being Trump merely required him to start reading a script. -snip-


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We have programmed the candidate to pick out one person in a crowd, pretend she knows them, and act surprised.  Run pointing and smiling subroutine.

For Hillary, the problem runs deeper. People think she’s corrupt and dishonest. That’s because she’s corrupt and dishonest. To stop being Hillary, she must stop being corrupt and dishonest. It’s easier to feign sobriety than it is to feign truthfulness. Even when Hillary tells the truth these days, it sounds like a lie. And there’s no way for her to escape herself.


h/t Instapundit


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  1. Gus Bailey says:

    For some reason this:

    was nested in that article.

    Yes, that just happened.


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