Just in Case This Website Disappears…

From a Comment at Breitbart Unmasked:

Chitown law • 9 days ago

Here is the back story to this. The FBI is investigating this matter, and the federal courts decided that they needed an experienced litigator to really dig into what this criminal gang has been doing to Mr. Schmalfeldt and others. It is highly unusual for a law firm to be appointed in a civil case, but DOJ and DHS have come to the conclusion that this criminal gang is part of a much larger operation that needs to be dismantled, similar to radical right wing groups like the KKK. Not only is this the beginning of the end for the civil harassment unleashed by this gang, but the feds have actually been monitoring and investigating this group for several years, and are considering bringing a large scale criminal indictment. Expect for the civil attorneys to work hand in hand with the federal authorities. As you watch over the next several months or year, you will see the methodical dismantling and destruction of this criminal gang.

Just in case anyone stumbles across this dusty, old website years after the entire criminal enterprise is dismantled, here is the other back story to this:

There’s a bunch of really odd characters who are acquaintances of a convicted bomber named Brett Kimberlin.  At least two, and maybe more, have spent significant numbers of adult years in Mom’s basement. They comment on a website called Breitbart Unmasked.  That’s where I found this scary comment I posted above.

The feds are not investigating the guy who used to build bombs.


The feds are investigating the lawyer, quantum mechanic, a teacher, some writers, a guy whose wife trains dogs and at least one librarian involved in documenting the Team Kimberlin group.  

I am a member of this cabal.  Although when I joined I believed it was just a conspiracy. It turns out, it’s a nefarious cabal.  

There will be a large scale criminal indictment.   The next knock on my door could be a SWAT team acting on behalf of a task force. (Or Domino’s.)  The group will be methodically dismantled.

By the same branches of the federal government charged with investigating murder, terrorism and violent interstate crime.  Local law enforcement agencies have turned down requests — frantic, tear streaked requests — for an investigation into the group’s activities, which include transport of horse poop over national borders.  Luckily for the Team Kimberlin side of the equation, someone has pulled strings.

An experienced prosecutor, now working for a private law firm has been put in charge. In order to protect his identity, the feds have shielded this appointment from the prying eyes of the conspirators.  Federal courts decided it’s THAT important.

Wiretaps have been put in place, confidential informants have been infiltrating, disguises have been distributed and satellite surveillance has documented the cabal.

We’re all going down.   

Should this happen, this website will go silent.  Before it does, please let me speak to Chitown law, and all the members of Team Kimberlin:

Don’t ever f’ing change.  

You guys are too damned funny the way you are.



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25 Responses to Just in Case This Website Disappears…

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    So despite an active DHS, DOJ, and FBI investigation Bill’s lawsuit was requested to be dismissed. How……queer.

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  2. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    What? No golden submarine? Immanentize the eschaton Dave!

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  3. crawford421 says:

    I got asked a whole bunch of questions yesterday by someone who may have been an undercover FBI agent. Her cover as a waitress at O’Charley’s was clever, but I’m not sure how the details of my lunch help them uncover some half-vast conspiracy.

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    • Crawford, on the second question, ask to see a lawyer. And I told you O’Charlies was compromised. Try Fudruckers.


      • crawford421 says:

        No Fudruckers in the area. But if it weren’t for the DF’s at work, I’d be headed to a BW3 after my doctor’s appointment.

        However, everyone who just HAD to meet with me today waited until noon to show up. So now it’s fast food and back to the abandoned Hallmark store instead of a leisurely lunch and getting chores done.

        Have I mentioned I work with a bunch of DFs?

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  4. Kyle Kiernan says:

    It’s not a conspiracy.
    It’s not a cabal.
    It’s a cult.
    Get it right. We didn’t blow a bunch of money remodeling the grotto, buying matching robes (and a gold trimmed black one for He Who Am Law) just to get down graded to a cabal or some run of the mill conspiracy.
    PS: you were half a beat behind on last weeks chant. Tighten up or face the wrath etc.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Grotto my ass; it’s a musty old cave and you know it. I demand an audit of where all our dues are going.


    • Gus Bailey says:

      p.s. I still say we go back to the bonfires in the meadow. I don’t care what that farmer says.

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      • Kyle Kiernan says:

        While the allure and charm of Wicker Man style ceremonies is undeniable, no cult can be taken seriously without substantial and underground ritual facilities. How about we just do the meadow festivities when HWAL declares Q’apla to celebrate?

        PS: you’re not the boss of me. I answer to HWAl alone on fiduciary and cavernesque issues.

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      • Gus is right. The clean-up was easier, too.


      • w says:

        Wait, wait, wait-

        Matching robes?


        Surely there’s a underground submarine base we could use… Isn’t Connecticut close to Maryland? There’s a sub base there. Tell you what, lemme’ check and I’ll get back to you on that one.

        No- I’m not going to move the Kimberfest 16 festivities; already paid the deposit. But might make for a good day trip.

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      • Kyle Kiernan says:

        Offerred for your consideration: grotto vs meadow cultic rites –


        Grottoes are more formal, better chant acoustics and you’re not at the mercy of the elements (although I think HWAL would probably quantum the rain away for the weekend).
        I know which one I’d pick.

        And yeah, the robes match. They’re like a uniform. Its the trim and roles in the rites that denote rank.

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  5. agiledog says:

    The investigation into our cabal/cult has proceeded to a significant surveillance stage. I have found advanced listening/monitoring devices hanging around the necks of my dogs. The FBI and DHS are now watching everything that happens in our home and work. I bet they got quite a surprise when that bitch in season came into the facility last week, and the un-neutered male dog discovered her. They probably have resold the video to some animal-loving freaks to help conceal the cost of their surveillance.

    Of course, those devices could just be their collars and the anti-bark devices my wife said she was going to start using to keep the adult dogs from teaching the puppy bad habits.


  6. BusPassOffice says:

    why dont i ever get picked?


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