Phrases Like These Make People Suspicious

Remember the classic scene in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’?  The post office delivers all the undelivered Santa mail to the guy who claims he’s Santa.  Well, it all ends up on the judge’s desk.  As the judge says (paraphrasing) “If the United States Postal Service, a branch of the Federal Government considers this man to be Santa Claus, then this court agrees….”

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Think of that while you read this paragraph from Bill Schmalfeldt in his response to John Hoge’s opposition to Bill’s request to avoid a trip to Maryland.   Bill does not want to go to Maryland to appear at a hearing Sept 27th.  John Hoge insists.  Bill’s mad.   I mean upset.  You can tell because he’s used a lot of italics,  adjectives and adverbs. Read the whole thing at Hogewash!


Here’s the thing.

I assume he has Parkinson’s Disease.  He actually was treated for it at one time.  I also assume that if you have such a disease, that you have current proof.  At least you could get proof pretty easily.

I can get a note about my heart condition faxed to me in less than an day, without an office visit.  

I’m not asking for Bill Schmalfeldt to prove he has Parkinson’s.  On the other hand, if his physical condition is supposed to be a reason to not appear in person at the courthouse, maybe a note from an MD would be appropriate.  Sending a photograph, and then pointing out his scars, and the red area of his cheek…that’s really not conclusive.

Twice Bill Schmalfeldt has made written requests about appearing in court by way of phone.  That’s two opportunities to get a doctor’s note.   He hasn’t.  

Relying on decisions by the Federal Government will only get you so far, Santa.

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16 Responses to Phrases Like These Make People Suspicious

  1. William Milkshakesphere says:

    He already provided proof in the same document that DHS will allow him to bypass the detectors in favor of a pat down. There’s no reason why he can’t fly.

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    • gmhowell says:

      It’s uncomfortable to wedge his ass into the seats, that’s why he won’t fly.

      (In the interests of full disclosure, it’s a situation with which I can sympathize.)

      On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 4:54 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

      > William Milkshakesphere commented: “He already provided proof in the same > document that DHS will allow him to bypass the detectors in favor of a pat > down. There’s no reason why he can’t fly.” >


      • one handle and stick to it says:

        Plus, wedging his fat ass into the seats is nothing compared to the discomfort of having that fat ass kicked in court (the real reason Billy is desperate to avoid appearing in person).

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  2. Minemyown says:

    That may be part of the problem, he might not be able to get a doctor to sign a notarize letter to the court.

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  3. rt895 says:

    Does Teh Blab even HAVE a doctor in Wisconsin who could or would sign an affidavit on his condition?

    You would expect Captain Overshare to recount the trials and tribulations of going out of his Button-Protected Mangina Cave to see a doctor in loving detail after he returned from the ever so difficult and hazardous trip away from home..


  4. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Didn’t Bill run screaming and pissing himself from the Randazza law firm telling them that he was so disabled that he could not speak to them on the phone? How does he plan to testify by phone if he is on record telling other lawyers he is incapable of speaking on the phone? Was he lying then or is he lying now?

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  5. theman9876 says:

    Is there a physician that has seen Bill regarding his Parkinson’s in the past 2 years? What medication(s) does Bill currently take for his Parkinson’s Disease and any of its known symptoms? Who prescribed those medications?

    We know, based solely on Bill’s online statements, that he isn’t currently taking any meds for his Parkinson’s because he has NOT seen a doctor since the move north & west. A lot of us have seen Bill use his “condition” time and time again to assist in most all of his legal filings. His known symptoms mirror the symptoms of obesity. Draw your own conclusions here, but he doesn’t present the medically known symptoms of a late stage Parkinson’s patient.

    I would like for Bill to present some recent medical evidence proving the diagnosis. However, the evidence should be no more than 12 months old and provided by a licensed, practicing physician. Once he shows us just how wrong we are, we can all move along.

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  6. I think there was an online mention by Bill of ‘going to the doctor.’ I don’t think the Lickspittles and Zombies need to peer into his medical records, but if his reason for not making the hearing is simply medical, he should justify that at least to the court. For a guy who has shared so much, I still would support his request not to expect every dude on the internet to see his file.


  7. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Sure he can fly. He told us he did so when he told us he went to Wisconsin for his Mother’s demise.


  8. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I’m curious about the words “Defendant’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.”
    Ostensibly this means DF’s diagnosis made by a medical professional of PD, however when I read it I automatically took it as DF’s self-diagnosis of PD.
    I have a feeling my initial impression is right.

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  9. Kyle Kiernan says:

    There is also a set of questions I’d love to lay on him in court:
    Is your DBS active at this time? How often is it active? If not now then when was the last time it was active? Do you have any x-rays, MRI scans or similar diagnostic imaging which is identifiable as being of yourself that shows the DBS implants? These implants are battery powered. How long are the batteries good for? When was the last time they were replaced?

    Reason for the this line would be to establish that his often claimed participation in the DBS implant project is actually true and that the DBS system is needed for management of his PD. Seeing as how questioning his participation in this study and these implants is construed by him to be defamatory then the truth of them must be established to either bolster or weaken the bais of this defamation. Addtionally, his claims to courts about ability to travel seem to be based in part on the presence of these devices so whether or not he perjured himself on these claims would be founded on the use and functionality of these units.

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