Sometimes ‘Endless Lawsuits’ are Filed by the Other Guy

Brett Kimberlin has files a strong opposition to a delay in the trial in Walker v. Kimberlin.  [Alternative title: brave opposition.] I think Aaron Walker wants to wait until at least the Kimberlins have responded in a significant way to discovery…or the Kimberlins lose the case because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Hogewash! has the details.

Here’s a taste of the funniest part IMHO:
STRONG 1.png

Poor baby.  This has been hanging over their heads too long.  Anxiety and stress? That’s serious. Can we at least get testimony that you’re being treated?

When Brett sued John Hoge, Aaron Walker and Ali Akbar over the subject of pedophilia — that case dragged out, too. And when it was done? What was Brett Kimberlin’s attitude about lawfare?

STRONG 2.png

Aaron Walker — and the others — have had to put up with unseemly accusations, and Walker’s lawsuit requires answers to some basic questions about those accusations:

STRONG 3.png

When Brett Kimberlin claimed his daughter was harassed so badly that she had to keep changing high schools, or that Brett was injured in a fantasy assault, or that the kids are missing out on overnight sleepovers…all because of the bad, bad, men…clearly he never imagined that he’d have to prove these things.   Too bad.  



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