In Order to Protect the Religious Freedoms of West Point Football Players…

…we’re probably going to have to ban post game prayers.

Officials with the U.S. Military Academy pulled a video clip of the football team’s postgame locker-room celebration offline Monday and have launched an inquiry into whether a team prayer violated players’ rights to religious freedom.

After Army West Point’s 28-13 upset win over Temple on Friday in Philadelphia, athletics department staff posted a clip that, according to multiple people who saw the video, showed head coach Jeff Monken asking a staff member to lead the team in prayer. The video went up Saturday evening on the school’s official athletics Facebook page and had about 180 comments and 1,600 shares by Sunday morning, according toan archived version of the post that does not include the video.

After receiving multiple complaints regarding the video, Military Religious Freedom Foundation president Mikey Weinstein said he reached out to academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen on Monday to discuss the post. It was taken down shortly thereafter and replaced on some platforms by a shorter, edited video of the celebration.

Source: Army Times

Huffington Post also had a version of the story.


In this edited video, we just hear “Amen.”  That still is the smoking gun.

Blame the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and the 90 or so people who complained.  

I’m slightly conflicted, since I don’t want mandatory prayer for service members. On the other hand, we are in a bizzaro world, where freedom means forbearance, and rights mean nothing. 


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3 Responses to In Order to Protect the Religious Freedoms of West Point Football Players…

  1. Has anyone bothered to find out if the football players want their religious freedoms protected in this way? My suspicion is that those who don’t want to pray understand the desires of their teammates who do and are willing to sit/stand quietly for a minute while that happens without feeling the need to scream that they are being oppressed.


  2. Religion is oppressive! We must protect even the Christian players from the prayer, because… Sorry. Lost my train of sarcasm there.
    In answer to the question, no. And no one will ever question the students. That’s not how this works.


  3. Cube says:

    This sounds a lot like that famous military quote “We had to destroy the village in order to save it”.


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