Reagan + Arms for Hostage = Outrage

Obama + Pallets of Cash = Crickets

Fred Fleitz

More U.S. Ransom Payments to Iran Revealed

Yesterday the Obama administration finally admitted that, in addition to the $400 million in foreign currency secretly flown to Iran on January 17, 2016, it also sent Iran two more planeloads of $1.3 billion in cash over the following 19 days.

Since these payments coincided with the release of four Americans illegally held by Iran, they have been widely condemned as ransom. The Obama administration disputes this and claims that the payments were to settle a U.S. debt to Iran incurred during the rule of the Shah. However, after initially insisting there was no link between the $400 million payment and the release of the Americans, the administration said on August 18 that it delayed this payment as leverage to ensure that Iran would release the U.S. prisoners.

cash ransom obama iran

People who are worried that the United States will become the laughingstock of the world if Donald Trump is elected should just calm down.  We already are.

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One Response to Reagan + Arms for Hostage = Outrage

  1. I had occasion today to watch tv for several hours, which is very rare for me. This seemed to be a pretty big story on Fox news, the most popular news channel, so I don’t think Obama is exactly getting the crickets he wanted.


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