Conservative Cleansing

Dennis Prager:

Obviously, the #NeverTrumpers do not believe that. On the contrary, some of the most thoughtful #NeverTrumpers repeatedly tell us that the nation can survive four calamitous years of Clinton-Democrat rule. And then, they say, conservatism will have cleansed itself and will be able to take back the nation, whereas if Trump wins, he will be the de facto face of conservatism, and then conservatism will have been dealt a potentially fatal setback.

This argument is profoundly mistaken.

It assumes that America can survive another four years of Democratic rule.

Was trying to find the Dilbert cartoon which ends with someone saying “You’re assuming we’re not already in Hell.”  Found this instead:

Now this is just funny:


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2 Responses to Conservative Cleansing

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    The first one reminds me of something James Carville said shortly before, or during the 2008 Democratic National convention: If Hillary Clinton gave Barack Obama one of her balls, then they’d both have two.”

    The second one awesome!


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