The Accusation

Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin have made a terrible accusation in a court document, alluded to here at Hogewash! 

Any decent person who reads the unredacted version of the that motion will see that it contains an allegation against Mrs. Walker that is impertinent, immaterial, and scandalous. (And as an eyewitness to the conversation upon which it is based, I’ll add that it’s a lie.) It is inconceivable (and that word means what I think it means) that there could be any other motivation for publishing that lie other than to cause harm and discomfort to Mrs. Walker.

John Hoge has decided not to publish the nature of the accusation, and neither will I.  I will say the accusation is based upon Mrs. Walker discussing plans to commit a felony. The felony itself never took place, the ‘plan’ is nonsensical on it’s face, and there’s another very strong reason to distrust the accusation. I mean other than the fact that Brett Kimberlin wrote about it.

Brett Kimberlin has been in a years long effort to discredit Aaron Walker. The alleged conversation which is the basis for the accusation would have occurred in 2013, when John Hoge and Aaron Walker were attempting to help Tetyana Kimberlin with legal issues.  The Kimberlins were estranged at that time.  

Details are in this document, and you may want to scroll down to paragraph 64.

Aaron Walking

Aaron Walker. Photo Credit:Brett Kimberlin.

Since then, Brett Kimberlin has written hundreds of pages of court documents about Aaron Walker.  He used the courts to accuse Walker all sorts of things. Kimberlin has thrown everything he can at Walker, to the point of making stuff up.  

Never did he mention this current accusation.

So for three years or so, Brett Kimberlin has had information damaging to Aaron Walker and his wife, and has not used it?

Justice might be blind, she seems a little slow at times, but she’s not stupid.

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5 Responses to The Accusation

  1. onlooker says:

    Oh, the accusation has been around for a long time. He just leveled it at other people, including Tetyana. Then it was her boyfriend, then John Hoge at least once, and now he’s just elaborated a new version for a new case with a new target of his fantasy victimhood. I think he just loves the story.

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  2. onlooker says:

    BTW, I don’t think anyone but the littlest bomber is behind it.

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    • Grace says:

      Maybe not… however, I very much believe there is a person (or, two) closely related to the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin who could be manipulated/intimidated into lying for the sawed-off bomber, and/or would be more than happy to back-up the sawed-off bomber’s delusions and lies because apple/tree.


  3. agiledog says:

    What’s an “Accuation” (see post title)?

    Brett Kimbergarden is getting more and more desperate, and flinging more and more poo at the wall in the hopes that something, anything, will stick.


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