Gus Bailey Offers a Prayer for Bill Schmalfeldt

Dear Heavenly Father, we give you all Glory and Honor and Treasure and Praise and Tribute and Majesty.
You have given us, your children, this wonderful world in which to live and grow. Let our actions, each day, always and forever be intended, planned and executed so to make it more and more like your eternal and perfect Kingdom in Heaven.
We thank you for the good earth and the fruits of our labors; for we owe the splendors of creation to your generosity.
We humbly ask that you, as it is your nature, set aside our sins; as we stand reminded that we should all forgive those who have wronged us.
Lord at this time we make a special petition for your child William. We humbly entreat you to open his heart to your immeasurable Love. Free him we pray from his bonds; and as you did for Saul the Zealot, wipe clean his eyes and show him your true path of Peace; and in the light of your Glory, reveal to him his own true self.
Finally Lord we ask that you lead us all into righteous ways of living.  We ask this not of our own authority nor merit nor claim, for we are all sinners and undeserving of your Grace; but for the sake of your Son our Savior, Jesus; by who’s blood we are saved and in who’s name we pray.

While I trust Gus’ sincerity, I also note that there are greater numbers offering prayers that Bill step over a banana peel and directly into an open manhole.

Again, I really do hope he finds another outlet.
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2 Responses to Gus Bailey Offers a Prayer for Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. Grace says:

    I very much trust Gus’ sincerity… just as I have trusted the sincerity behind all of the numerous prayers many of us Zombie Lickspittles have lifted up for BS for going on a very long time now. Gus’ prayer, and the sentiment behind it, is heartfelt and beautiful. Amen.

    As the meme posted above accurately states: God works in His timing. And, Heaven knows God has His work cut out for Him – chipping away at the layers-thick narcissism BS possesses, and the off-the-chart pride that wholly separates BS from receiving God’s gifts of grace, mercy, and eternal salvation – is a near-impossible feat that *only* an omnipotent being could ever pull off.

    I hope it one day actually happens… as Christians, we are called upon to pray that no man shall perish. I also hope and pray for it to one day actually happen for the peace it will give to all of the victims of BS’s harassment and years-long abuse.

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  2. gmking222 says:

    Gus – Your prayers are always so beautiful and heartfelt. It takes a special kind of person with strength of character to pray for his enemies or those that have wronged him. Speaking for myself, your prayers inspire me to be more diligent and unselfish in my prayers and petitions.
    May God bless us all.

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