Translation:There Are People Who I Think Are Wrong

At the bottom of this post is a quote from Bill Schmalfeldt’s new website.  He has a perfect right to say what he wants, and political talk should be his hobby  He’s passionate about it, and even the right will defend his right to speak his political opinions

It might also take his mind off his recent accidental disclosure that he published a document which came directly from Brett Kimberlin .  Since the document contains a bald face lie, it clearly connects the two individuals in a dirty conspiracy to smear an innocent family .


Hogewash! has more here   


At specific periods in American history when the two party system fails in its duty to provide checks and balances against the extremes in each party’s ideology, groups pop up to prey on the worst angels of human nature. These groups tend to be racist, anti-immigrant, blaming “the other” for the problems facing the nation at that given moment of history. When the Whig party collapsed, that vacuum was filled by a group of anti-Catholic, anti-Chinese bigots called “The Know Nothing Party.” As the modern day Republican party continues to dissolve, they are being replaced by a group of anti-immigrant, anti-minority bigots, embracing the philosophy of Dead Andy Breitbart. The media has tagged this group, “The Alt Right.” And now, they have control of the Republican Party.

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2 Responses to Translation:There Are People Who I Think Are Wrong

  1. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Bill wouldn’t know Alt Right if it bit him on his ample ass. Once again he has stolen from another Twitter user the Alt Right Delete meme and is now simply parroting his bettors. If Bill would write something original it would be a surprise….even to Bill.

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  2. crawford421 says:

    Meanwhile, people who have actually started race riots are treated as celebrities by the Democrats, their party issues “guidance” to *not* say “all lives matter” but only “black lIves matter” , and they align themselves closer and closer to international movements dedicated to the extermination of Jews…

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