Now, THAT I Did Not Know

Every now and then I read the exhibits presented in the ongoing lawsuits between Brett Kimberlin, Aaron Walker and John Hoge.  Hoge and Walker are on the offense, and seem to be doing very well compared to Kimberlin.

This was presented to the court by Kimberlin as part of his attempt to get Aaron’s wife to submit to questioning.  The form was written by Aaron Walker.  Document posted on Hogewash!

Assault rifle.png

Now that, I didn’t know.  Of course, owning or being in possession of a firearm would be illegal, as Brett Kimberlin is a convicted violent felon, and is still on parole.

If Brett Kimberlin wants to deny this, he could comment below, or have a surrogate do so. If he’s like to send a multi-page rebuttal to any of the articles about him on Dave Alexander and Company, he can go ahead and send all the pages in one envelope.  No reason to break it up into separate envelopes.  



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6 Responses to Now, THAT I Did Not Know

  1. Minemyown says:

    While police continued to strengthen their case against him for the bombings, Kimberlin got arrested on drug charges in 1979 in Texas after a plane delivery of 10,000 pounds of Colombian marijuana went awry. He and several others had been building a makeshift landing strip in the middle of the desert and rented a small airplane to collect their cargo, which had been abandoned by its scheduled pilot due to bad weather. When caught during the drug arrest, police confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a TASAR (brand new technology at that time), pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.

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  2. one handle and stick to it says:

    “Known to carry assault rifle”? Sounds more like Bill Schmalfeldt to me


  3. Five foot six, and 200 pounds?

    Rotund little fat fuck, isn’t he?

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