Mailing Briefs

Weird Story of the Day:Priority Mail Shipping Boxes

I sent a kid to college this week and the one thing that wasn’t packed was underwear. I don’t know how you place into a competitive college, and forget the need for underwear, but there you go.

On top of that the kid says “just put each pair in a manila envelope and send them separately.”  

That would cost a lot!  The kid has zero common sense.  

I sent several briefs using flat rate boxes like those above, and because I was worried about them getting there, I made sure to get return receipt requested and certified mail.

The whole thing was pretty cheap.

So, the next time you’re sending a bunch of things to one address, or the same bunch of boxers, briefs or motions to lots of people, just use the USPS flat rate boxes.  Cheap, easy and much smarter than mailing each item individually.  Plus, there are fewer green cards.


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6 Responses to Mailing Briefs

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    BOOM goes the Tovex!


  2. Juiceman says:

    Well done.


  3. crawford421 says:

    Do you wash them first?


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