Aaron Walker Would Like…

Aaron Walker is suing Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin, and lots of us agree somebody had to. The two of them made allegations about Walker’s conduct which turned out to be untrue. So untrue that I won’t actually repeat them here, since they were hurtful to Walker’s reputation.

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What would Aaron Walker like if he wins?


I like number five.  There are some individuals who have stopped commenting on Brett Kimberlin’s history as a serial bomber, his perjury conviction…and so on.  Posts and articles have disappeared from the internet. People should be free of Kimberlin’s shutuppery.

There really is only one problem with these demands.  The last line. Never gonna happen.

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9 Responses to Aaron Walker Would Like…

  1. rt895 says:

    We are talking the art of the possible here, but I’d love to see two changes based on Team Pedo’s history:

    1) $50,000 per Defendant payable to the Court for disbursement.

    2) Defendants are declared Vexatious Litigants and must pre-clear any filings or claims in any court either civil or criminal with the instant Court.

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    • #2 especially.

      I can think of a few folks who need to be held to that. It’s quite amazing how many folks think that watching a few episodes of Law & Order or Perry Mason or Matlock means they can sue anyone and everyone for anything they like (mostly shutuppery) and that the court will believe their interpretation of the law over the law itself.


    • Russ says:

      IA, of course, NAL. That said, #2 would be good, but since he’s the defendant here, I would think it less likely.

      The obvious degree of his vexatious behavior is a function of his being a many-times-over plaintiff.


      • rt895 says:

        I was thinking more on two lines for #2:
        – # sheer number of documents just stricken from the record because Brett can not play by the rules. The end result of continuing contemptuous defiance of the court.
        – that this is a suit about fraudulent complaints to the court against Aaron

        It would be even sweeter if BK’s parole was revoked because of his continuing lies about proper service on his pleadings….

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  2. Aaron probably did not want to ask for permission to dope smack Kimberlin. I woulda.


  3. This is not what Aaron is suing for if he wins at trial before a jury. This is the minimum he is willing to accept, should the court find a way to encourage the Kimberlins to settle without trial.


  4. rt895 says:

    Why would the Tiny Terrorist settle? He is convinced he can drag proceedings out forever, then play “Catch Me If You Can” when Aaron tries to collect.. Plus he would simply ignore any consent agreements.

    Just like his Excellent Friend BS, BK won’t stop his antics until he is back in Club Fed for a long stretch AND declared a Vexatious Litigant so he can’t spam the courts from his cell…

    BS won’t stop until he is pried bodily away from the keyboard.


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