Yup, This Guy Has it Covered

The details are from the Southern Poverty Law Center, but if their facts are straight, here’s a guy who ticks a lot of boxes:

Lets see:

  • Still and moonshine
  • Reuben DeHann


  • Online medicine business in holistic healing (link)
  • Made 2.7 million dollars over several years
  • Has not filed a tax return since 1997
  • Has a bunker with multiple rooms
  • Bunker accessible through secret false wall in his house and a ‘hinged stairwell’
  • Built bunker without building permit
  • Threatened the zoning people with a million dollar fine if they came on his property – payable in gold
  • Weapons – 70 or more
  • Three silencers.  Two were homemade.
  • Lots of food.  Tanks for thousands of gallons of water.
  • Membership in church nobody has heard of
  • Says he shouldn’t pay taxes
  • Wrote to the IRS saying he shouldn’t pay taxes
  • Offered to charge the IRS for his tax advice
  • Gave up his U.S. Citizenship
  • Renounced his portion of the national debt
  • Illegally modified weapons
  • bomb making materials
  • Claims membership in Native Tribe nobody has ever heard of

I do not know if he has a small group of loyal followers, or if his home is called a compound, or if he owns a jacked up pickup.  I do not know if he has typed a manifesto. I’m pretty sure this is what keeps liberals awake at night.

I know some of the things on that list sound like a good idea.


Justice Dept. Press Release

Southern Poverty Law Center

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3 Responses to Yup, This Guy Has it Covered

  1. Dr_Mike says:

    Still and moonshine – George Washington wrote our first Farm Policy. It was, “Shoot the farmers.” See also the Whiskey Rebellion.

    I see no problem with the bunker, or the food and water.

    Membership in church nobody has heard of: Does the first amendment require your church be sufficiently popular?

    Membership in Native American tribe nobody has heard of – worked for Elizabeth Warren.

    Many of the things you listed are illegal. I would say a smaller subset are criminal or wrong.

    Oh, and pro tip: Have a small, “sane” bunker behind a false wall. Have your real bunker behind a false wall in the “sane” bunker, hidden a completely different way. That way, they never find most of it.

    Or so I’m told…

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  2. It’s like a Jeff Foxworthy style joke…If you bunker has more that 70 guns…you might be on the SPLC watchlist…

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