Fixin’ to Sue Somebody

In my part of North Carolina, there is a unique phrase which seems to mean “I am preparing to be about to do something.”


As in “I’m fixin’ to crank up the engine.  Hold my beer.”

It does not mean getting ready.  It’s close, though.

It actually is what happens the moment before, the moment before you do something.  Fixin’ describes the mental process which precedes actual preparing to do something.  People who are fixin’ to leave are actually still on the couch.  People who are on their feet are leaving.  

For the last couple of years, Bill Schmalfeldt has been suing Sarah Palmer of BillySez, getting ready to sue Patrick Grady and/or Paul Krendler…or he has been facing Peace Orders for his activities online.   

Yet he written, then has shuttered up, dozens of websites, Twitter accounts and podcasts. A lot of it about Sarah and Paul.  He might have some copies of his writings, but I’ll bet most of the evidence is gone the moment he makes a decision to erase it. His copy anyway.

“So…the yutes commenced to spoliating?”

You might say Bill has been fixin’ to sue Sarah Palmer and Patrick Grady in Federal Court for a long time. I wonder if that’s what lawyers mean by “likely litigation?”

From Practical Law:

The knowledge that evidence is relevant to pending or likely litigation gives rise to a duty to preserve that evidence. Failure to comply with this duty may result in sanctions.


Of course, I’m not a lawyer, because the LSAT was very hard that year.  But I do know that lot of litigation can come down to trust.  Who can you trust? I’d be unlikely to trust someone who publishes certifiably nasty things online, and then deletes the stuff.

Bill has also stated that if other people have copies of his Tweets, podcasts and comments online, why…that’s proof the material isn’t really gone. Again – hard LSAT, not lawyer – I’m pretty sure that the volume of material which others have stored is actually evidence of Bill Schmalfeldt deleting potential evidence.  Evidence for a Federal Lawsuit he knew was likely for a long time.

‘Cause he’s been fixin’ to sue these people for years.




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5 Responses to Fixin’ to Sue Somebody

  1. Minemyown says:

    I been using fixin’ all my life.

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    You obviously didn’t graduate from the Wednesday Bus Pass Office School of Journalism and Law Talkin’ like Oliver Wendell Jones did.

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  3. Cube says:

    Another relevant expression is “fish or cut bait”. He really, really wants to go fishing. But he can’t figure out how to get a line in the water, doesn’t have a hook and has no idea what bait is for. So there won’t be any trophy fish mounted on the wall any time soon. (In Trump voice) It’s very sad.

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