If I Made You Buy a Gun…

Actually I won’t make you buy anything, like health insurance or even make a cake…


Of course there are big differences between Switzerland and Mexico.  Delicious chocolates, for instance.  Precision knives.  Highly accurate watches.

Just remember, if you own a gun, train with the gun.  Know your limitations and don’t be this guy:

(CNN)A North Carolina man who said he was “on the neighborhood watch” fatally shot a 20-year-old from inside his garage before telling a 911 dispatcher he was protecting his family from “hoodlums,” according to Raleigh police.

Chad Copley, 39, was charged with the death of Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, who police said was outside Copley’s home when he was shot just before 1 a.m. Sunday. Copley is being held without bond at Wake County Detention Center, police said.
Thomas is African-American. Copley is white.
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3 Responses to If I Made You Buy a Gun…

  1. I wonder if CNN would have felt the need to tell us the shooter and the shootee’s races if they had bother Bern black, both white, or if the dead one was the white one.

    It sounds like a mess all around, but if dead guy and the others were attending a party two doors down, why would they have been standing around in front of this guy’s house at 1am. It will be interesting to see where the investigation goes.


    • The story is about “textbook” as far as what NOT to do. A lawyer will tell you not to confess to police. This guy essentially confessed before he pulled the trigger. He was on 911 and was in no danger, with the exception of knowing that there were people of a different race making noise outside his house.
      I wonder if he could change his name before he gets sent to prison?


  2. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Never trust the news account until all the facts are in. Might be what they say but large prob. it isn’t.


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