No, Terrorism is Not ‘The New Normal’

From PJ Media:

As hardly a few days pass without an Islamic terror attack in the West — recently an “Allahu Akbar”-shouting man stabbed a Jew in France and an “Allahu Akbar”-screaming woman ran over two policemen in Canada — the West risks becoming desensitized. Of seeing Islamic violence as “just part of life.”

The words and deeds of Western leaders are not helping.

After the Islamic terror attack in Nice, France, where 84 were killed, counterterrorism chief Patrick Calvar said:

Today, France is clearly the most threatened country. The question about the threat is not to know “if” but “when” and “where.”

Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared:

Terrorism … is a threat that weighs heavily on France and will continue doing so for a long time.

As if such resignation wasn’t bad enough, at the memorial event for the 84 Nice victims Valls declared:

Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism.

As I thought about the recent knife attacks, it occurred to me that people need to train to end such attacks, especially in countries with strong gun laws.  The people of Europe are in danger, and the people of Europe will be the only ones who can help.

I wonder if that is the reaction in the UK and Europe (which have always been different places, by the way.)  I know that won’t be the American reaction, as we have too much of a gun culture, and recent attacks have only taken place in locations where law abiding people are told not to bring guns.

What will be the people’s response to these individual acts of violence?

I know one thing:  This is no more ‘normal’ than German V-1 buzz bombs over London, or Japanese Zeros over Pearl Harbor.  Live with it?  Hardly.

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4 Responses to No, Terrorism is Not ‘The New Normal’

  1. one handle and stick to it says:

    Funny how the libs shit themselves over the so-called “GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC!!1eleventy”
    But muzzie terrorists blowing up Civilization piece by piece? Nothing to see here, folks… 😛

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  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    Terrorism is, for the most part, a fact of life. And what we’re seeing now isn’t the worst it’s ever been. That would have been in the 1970s, when there were about a dozen “national liberation movements,” most sponsored by the Kremlin, active in Europe. Even then, the PLO, Black September and the Abu Nidal group were all security concerns … until they weren’t.

    Are there differences between then and now? Sure, First, terrorist groups in the past were centralized, “top-down” organizations, and acted as such. Because even the Arab terrorists were more ideological than religious, “lone wolf” attackers were unheard of. Second, because of their state sponsorship, the pre-al Qaeda groups were self-contained in their activities, Third, the realities of the Cold War made “military solutions” untenable at best and unthinkable at worst. Nobody was going to insert ground troops into a Soviet client state because a few car bombs went off.

    Of course, we’ve subsequently learned that there probably isn’t a military solution to terrorism, mainly because terrorism isn’t an enemy, it’s a tactic. The West didn’t defeat communism because it mobilized its forces against, say, encircling maneuvers; we won through a bipartisan policy of containment and prevailing in the war of ideas. Victory certainly didn’t happen because we got bogged down in Third World hellscapes. Nixon’s opening to China, as unsavory as that may have been to many, was orders of magnitude more effective than a decade in Vietnam was.

    I don’t care much about guns either way, so my attitude is to let people have them. Having said that, I never fail to notice that pro-gun legislation and court decisions always have qualifications that only serve the protection the politicians and judges who write them. For example, Scalia’s opinion in Heller had an entire section devoted to the desirability of “gun-free zones,” specifically one around him and his colleagues. And if you really want to test your open or concealed carry “rights,” may I suggest a trip to your statehouse with a firearm? Ask to see the governor. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    That seems to undercut the “good guy with a gun” theory significantly. And of all the mass shootings over the last decade in America, I believe three have been stopped by an armed civilian. Panic and the advantage of surprise are probably more determinative than “gun free zones” are, but it’s a helluva talking point.

    And that leads to my larger point. Terrorism is historically not only a complicated problem, it’s a complicated political problem. Talking points, on the other hand, are designed to win elections and make people feel good about themselves, not solve problems.

    Finally, there’s a profound difference between the United States and Europe with regard to Islamic terror attacks. There are so many more of them in Europe than there are in North America because the Europeans have devoted the last half century to treating Muslims like shit and the United States and Canada haven’t.


    • crawford421 says:

      “we won through a bipartisan policy of containment and prevailing in the war of ideas”

      We won? Did someone tell the Democrats?

      “There are so many more of them in Europe than there are in North America because the Europeans have devoted the last half century to treating Muslims like shit and the United States and Canada haven’t.”

      No, because there’s an order of magnitude more Muslims in Europe than in the US. And Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with how Muslims are treated — it’s an imperative of the “faith”, ordered by and exemplified by their “perfect man”.


    • I don’t really know how Muslims have been TREATED in Europe, but it appears they’ve been GREETED with open arms. At least from what I read of French/UK/European news reports. Maybe I’ve missed a half century of mistreatment. If so, the tide is turning.


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