I’m being so bad today…

David Edgren discovers that long bike rides are more grueling than he thought — so he gets a burger and fries.

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but it’s cool in here…

…and there’s fast wi-fi

imageWheel full 70px Oh hell, you got me.  I just wanted a Big Mac.  So there.

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3 Responses to I’m being so bad today…

  1. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    You’ve earnt it old chap. Unlike someone’s pro-bono lawyer.

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  2. Toastrider says:

    McDonald’s though? Seriously?

    Frankly, I prefer Wendy’s for any kind of ‘fast food burger’ fix. If I must have a burger, though, there’s a number of better-quality joints around town, many local. I went to one for lunch earlier this week and had a ‘Smokin’ Jack’ — a burger layered with bacon, pepperjack cheese, fried jalapenos, and spicy sauce. Quite good 🙂


    • crawford421 says:

      McDonald’s is consistent. It may not be brilliant food (though their coffee is better than, say, Starbucks, but that’s faint praise), but it’s consistent.

      (But I may try out that Smokin’ Jack)


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