Why I Hate the Internet Now, #2,345 in a Series

Stuff like this under posts on reputable sights:

Melissa Gilbert

On the left, obviously Melissa Gilbert, of Little House on the Prairie.  On the right?  No idea.  But Melissa Gilbert looks like this these days:


She recently dropped out of a congressional race over health reasons, but it’s a bad back, not crack addiction.

Between these ads, and the slideshows which are linked, some web sites have just looked terrible lately.

I actually also object to the soft-core porn on the edges of websites, too.  “And the cameraman kept shooting…” Isn’t that the cameraman’s job?

And can we please stop Breitbart from sliding over to make room for an ad.  Really?

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One Response to Why I Hate the Internet Now, #2,345 in a Series

  1. crawford421 says:

    And the clumsy photoshops, either pornographic (Amy Grant’s head on a nude woman, for example) or just absurd (a woman’s head photoshopped onto her calf — “You won’t believe these women exist!”).

    Apparently the advertising that works is the stuff aimed at a tabloid level.

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