Hold The Presses! College is for “freedom of inquiry…”

UPDATE: Northwestern State in Louisiana lets students have free speech two hours a week!Image result for schedule of free speech

A public university in Louisiana has a speech code that permits students to express their beliefs freely for two hours per week at three predetermined locations.

The Northwestern State University policy requires students to apply 24-48 hours in advance before holding a public demonstration or assembly, and limits such activities to “one, 2-hour time period every 7 days, commencing on Monday.”

Public demonstrations are limited to three locations on campus: the Student Union Plaza, Prather Coliseum East Parking Lot and a so-called “Green Space between CAPA and Varnado Hall.”


The Dean of Students at the University of Chicago says no safe places, trigger warnings and if we invite a controversial speaker, we will let them come and speak.

Well done.  Now, make it stick.



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One Response to Hold The Presses! College is for “freedom of inquiry…”

  1. one handle and stick to it says:

    Allan “Closing of the American Mind” Bloom must be cheering his old post from Heaven. Or whatever the ancient Greek equivalent is.


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