Let me start this off by saying I am transgender, I started transitioning years ago, and I live as a man.

No, not me.  Dave.  I mean, yes.  I live as a man, because…


I stumbled upon this blog post about the North Carolina Gender Unicorn:gender-unicorn

Click on the unicorn’s genitals to get the full story on the school using this graphic.

Encouraging Mental Illness Is Child Abuse

Let me make it easy for you: transgenderism is a mental disorder; “transgender” is just a less clinical way of saying, “person with gender dysphoria.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with mental disorders. Typically they cause complications the life of the afflicted, they can make things more complicated, and they can even require drugs to correct. There is no way to cure bipolar because it is a chemical imbalance that someone is just born with. However, bipolar medication can help individuals with bipolar cope and manage their symptoms. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It should not be encouraged  in children as a “life decision” anymore than you would encourage your children to “become bipolar or schizophrenic.” If you know someone who is trans, has been taking the correct steps, and struggling with themselves, then by all means, support them. There are legitimate cases. The problem is, institutions, government, and random internet communities are encouraging mental illness where there is none.

This article is by a ‘transgendered’ woman-to-male who agrees with some of the most conservative ideas on the subject.  Wow.  

You have a responsibility to kids and that does not include lying, presenting censored or purposefully misleading information, and encouraging the mutilation of children. Transitioning is a decision that only a legal adult should make after going to a legitimate therapist for an appropriate amount of time.

I would suggest that this does not just mean the surgical transitioning, but the dressing up and ‘declaring’ oneself a man, or woman.



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